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The Advantages of Owning The iBottleup Water Bottles

by Patricia Franklin on May 21, 2019

iBottleup water bottles are truly one of the amazing water bottles. To begin with, here you can check out some of the important and noticeable advantages of owning the iBottleup water bottles.

They have an extensive range of experience in making and manufacturing lots of different types of water bottles.

If you do own any version of iBottleup water bottle, then we are sure that you must have been having the best drinking experience.

Furthermore, the popularity of these bottles is growing day by day. Moreover, people seem to favor and strongly liking these sorts of water bottles. These bottles are the name of convenience and high-quality aspects.

They are safe to use, easy to carry as well as easy to handle. Even more, all range of iBottleup water bottles has received extensive certification from well-recognized bodies.

Their water bottles have sealed lids. Some of them are available in highly captivating colors, shapes, and sizes.

Thus, these iBottleup water bottles are the best choice for fulfilling your hydration needs.

They do fulfill your other health purposes as well.

So, let us have a look at the main and basic advantages which the user may experience while owning and using these iBottleup water bottles.


The Mission of iBottle Up



To Make Uniquely Designed and High-Quality Water Infuser Bottles

The ultimate mission of iBottleup is to make uniquely designed as well as high-quality water infuser bottles.

Moreover, it is on this sole and particular mission that the foundation of iBottleup was laid down.

It came into being just to bring and make uniquely designed water bottles for the individuals by showing some real difference and top quality in their products.

Furthermore, their water bottles are way far better and exceptional in quality as compared to the regular kind of plastic fruit infuser bottles.


What is So Special About iBottleup Water Bottles?


Even more, iBottleup have managed to make a real investment in double glass construction aspect. Their water bottles are also accompanied with secure stainless steel lids.

In addition, we have seen that conventional infuser bottles are always susceptible to damage. Such bottles are prone to wear and tear.

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They also lack an appropriate hygienic factor in them. But iBottleup water bottles are not like them at all! Most noteworthy, their bottles are supreme from all angles and sides.

Most of their durable infuser bottles are constructed and made from Borosilicate glass which is a tough material.

Besides, this Borosilicate glass can withstand and tolerate extreme temperatures from -30°C to an incredible range of 700°C.


Exclusive Water Bottle Designs of iBottleup Water Bottles


iBottleup water bottles range is truly one of the exclusive one.

Their bottles are incorporated and packed with thicker glass. And they are also fused with stainless steel lids. Their bottles are fully recyclable. Most importantly, their bottles come with a fun element.

It is that they have produced and manufactured their lids in a colorful and extensive variety of shades. Most probably, their designs and styles will suit your preferences and taste.

In addition, their bottles are specifically the name and combination of practicality and contemporary design and style.


  • Borosilicate Glass used in iBottleup water bottles withstand thermal shock

As an example, and just to give you the true picture of iBottleup water bottles! It is their glass construction material which is completely nontoxic. Moreover, it can withstand thermal shock properties.

Even more, they have claimed that their glass is baked exactly at a high temperature of 600°C.

The glass they use is Borosilicate glass. This glass version is completely non-toxic. And this specific glass type can withstand thermal shock range. Furthermore, such a glass type does not break easily.

It is extremely strong and firm in terms of thickness. Besides, iBottleup water bottles do not release any of the harmful substances.


iBottleup Water Bottles are Double Layered

Double Layered

Most noteworthy, one of the promising advantages of owning iBottleup water bottles. It is that their designed water bottles are double layered.

They have double glass installed in them.

Most probably, this property makes these iBottleup water bottles as one of the best sellers.

This double layer glass construction makes these bottles immensely durable and longlasting. Besides, such bottles tend to break less often.


Maximum Storage Capacity Is Offered By iBottleup Water Bottles

 Storage Capacity

In addition, you may become a fan of iBottleup water bottles because of their maximum storage capacity aspect.

Their bottles let you store your beverage up to 400 ml range which is pretty maximum.

However, one of the exclusive aspects of their manufactured bottles is that they are highly appropriate for the trip, tour and camping times.

Hence, there is no need to fill any other kind of water bottle again and again. Because these iBottleup water bottles can accommodate a maximum amount of water in it.


  • Thermal insulation and heat insulation properties are served by iBottleup water bottles

Most certainly, their water bottles offer the best range of thermal insulation and heat insulation properties.

It means your water will remain warm or cold for an extended time duration. The maximum duration for keeping your water warm, it is almost up to six hours. And the total span of keeping your water cold, it is almost up to 24 hours.


  • iBottleup water bottles have Corrosion resistant coating property

In addition, these bottles fail to get rust on them. It happens because they are packed with corrosion resistant coating property.

Most of the low-quality water bottles get rust on them.

They start to experience corrosion in less time.

However, iBottleup makes such kind of water bottles that all of their versions are fully packed, encompassed and surrounded by corrosion resistant coating property.


iBottleup Bottles Are Eco-Friendly


Also, it is their eco-friendly and environment-friendly nature which makes these iBottleup water bottles as one of the reliable choices for you.

They are extensively reusable. They have always believed in reducing and decreasing carbon footprints.

Their collections and extensive water bottles range have managed to show and incorporate eco-friendly solutions in their designs. Besides, their water bottles have a recyclable lid. And they also compose of a packaging cardboard cylinder and round paper tube box.

Furthermore, their cleaning process is easy and quick. You can disassemble the water bottle easily and seamlessly.

Thus, clean this water bottle in the dishwasher or you can hand wash it.


  • iBottleup water bottles are Sleek and Functional looking

Most certainly, the demand of iBottleup water bottles will go the highest of all! We are saying this because their water bottles are extremely sleek and functional looking.

Their bottle range and collection is not only corrosion resistant and eco-friendly. In fact, it is sleek, durable and functional looking as well. Moreover, they are easy to use.

The induction of a crystal clear glass and the presence of a straight cup and filter makes their bottles immensely easy to handle and easy to use.

Most probably, one will feel a lot of pleasure while holding these bottles. They are great to carry during hiking, traveling times.

Thus, these versatile water bottle infusers are used anywhere and carried everywhere.


iBottleup Water Bottles Harbor Bacteria Growth

 Harbor Bacteria Growth

The other prominent advantage which you may experience while owning and using these iBottleup water bottles, it is the safety concern.

We have seen that regular plastic bottles fail to the harbor and stop the growth of bacteria on them.

But here this is not the case! These iBottleup water bottles can easily harbor bacteria growth as well as mold growth.

In addition, you will always receive a safe drinking water experience and phase wherever you may go.

  • iBottleup water bottles maintain your hydration demand by storing water in a high-quality manner

Furthermore, if you plan to own these iBottleup water bottles, then we are sure that you will always manage to maintain your hydration demand.

These bottles store high quality and clean drinking water for hours and hours.

It is their double layered glass and too recyclable stainless steel lid that the taste of drinking water remains up to the mark.



To summarize, we suggest and recommend you using these iBottleup water bottles. It is all these benefits which you shall experience after buying these bottles.

Moreover, their topmost selling point is that their extensive water bottles collection can withstand high temperatures. And they are best to be used outdoors.

Besides, their sleek design and contemporary style make these bottles the best choice for you.

Furthermore, iBottleup is fully aware of the importance and crucial need of hydration. For the reason that such amazing bottles are manufactured by them.

Let us know which iBottleup water bottle you are owning right now. And also share your experience with us.

Besides, the overall and the general number of advantages of owning and carrying iBottleup water bottles will go on and on. We have just mentioned a few of the top traits of these water bottles.

Most probably, you must have got a lot more impressed and amazed by the properties hidden in these iBottleup water bottles.


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