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Are Aluminum Water Bottles Safe?

by Patricia Franklin on June 03, 2019

Aluminum water bottles are mainly and usually marked as one of the safest water bottle options.

However, we are going to explore this aspect in a bit and further detailed way. You are going to know on the clear terms that are aluminum water safe for you or not!

To begin with, a few of the aluminum water bottles are somewhat and generally reactive to acidic liquids.

A few of them are lined and packed with an epoxy resin. This is the main section which contains BPA.

Furthermore, this is the main and primary chemical which is specifically found in these water bottles.

For the reason that individuals tend to avoid using and purchasing these aluminum bottles.

Thus, if you are planning to buy any sort of reusable water bottle.

Then make sure to do proper research as which water bottle comes and packed with healthy aspects. And which of the bottle type is accompanied and fused with risky health aspects.


BPA is Present in Aluminum Water Bottles


Most importantly, it is observed that these aluminum water bottles are packed with BPA content in them. This is the main issue which is encompassed by these reusable water bottles.

Moreover, it is highly important for you to understand this fact about BPA (bisphenol-A) that it is an industrial chemical.

This chemical makes bottles and cans. And this specific chemical is in use since the time of the 1960s.

This harmful chemical can leach and enter into food products. Even more, it may also enter into the bottled water.


Results of The Carefully Controlled Test Conducted By The Researchers

As we have received a bunch number of studies that not all aluminum water bottles are necessarily BPA-free.

Most importantly, there is this carefully controlled test which was conducted by the researchers.

In that test, researchers and scientists stored ultra-pure water in different types of containers. Furthermore, they kept this pure water in those containers for about five days duration.

Later on, they found out that a few of the aluminum bottles did release five times the amount of BPA as compared to the BPA amount shed and released by the older one polycarbonate bottles.

Thus, it is proved that not all aluminum bottles are safe for you.


How BPA Is Harmful To You?


In addition, expert researchers have extracted and discovered possible health effects which are associated with BPA.

This BPA negatively affects your brain functioning. It damages your behavioral patterns.

Besides, it affects the prostate gland of fetuses and infants as well as children. Beyond, there is also a possible link and connection between BPA and high blood pressure.


Why Aluminum Water Bottles Are Not Safe for You?

Most of the people have stopped using these reusable water bottles. The main reason is that they do not want to get negatively affected by BPA risks.

Though the manufacturers of aluminum water bottles have claimed that their bottles are BPA-free.

Most probably, it is assumed that there is an epoxy resin which is mainly used to line these aluminum water bottles. And it is this epoxy resin which contains BPA.


Do All Kinds of Aluminum Water Bottles Contain BPA in Them?

Most certainly, it is true that not all kinds of aluminum water bottles have BPA in them. It is on this point that all conducted researches and studies will play their important and crucial part.

However, most of the aluminum bottles are lined and accompanied with BPA-free epoxy resins. And some of them are lined with copolyester.

Most of the tests have revealed that the epoxy resin contains more BPA which is used in the making of polycarbonate plastic water bottles.

Hence, it is always suggested to get those aluminum water bottles which are installed with copolyester lining. Such an aluminum water bottle is always safe for you.


Connection Between Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease - Is it Just A Myth?

Besides, there is this popular myth that using aluminum water bottles causes Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is a fake myth and not at all a true saga. This is only a rampant rumor which we often hear for years and years.

Hence, there is no association and connection in using aluminum products and developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is just one of the myths which surround and encompass this disease.


Which Bottle Type To Use if You Are Not Comfortable In Using Aluminum Water Bottles?

In addition, there are a large number of alternatives which you can use if you are not in favor of using aluminum water bottles.

You can consider these options for sure. Most importantly, experts have recommended that you can make use of uncoated stainless steel bottles.

You can have aluminum bottles which come with a copolyester lining. Furthermore, you can have plastic bottles which are made of Tritan copolyester.

There is this famous university report which has suggested the use of stainless bottles as well.

The only drawback of using stainless steel bottles.

It is its higher price. However, do remember this fact that stainless steel heats faster. And it does not leach chemicals to get entered into your drinking water.



To summarize, let us come to our bottom line. As there are so many alternatives which can convince and push to stop using these aluminum water bottles. However, if you are still eager to use these aluminum bottles.

Then make sure to get that version which is composed of copolyester lining.

Moreover, it is critical for consumers to take some time out.

And also do their research. And then to plan and decide as which bottle type they should use! Thus, one should remain aware and updated of potential health dangers which are encompassed and surrounded by reusable water bottles.

Besides, if you are grabbing a water bottle which may drastically and potentially leak dangerous chemicals completely into your drinking water. Then that is a red flag sign that you should not buy that bottle.

Consequently, and on a final note! Say good bye to unhealthy water bottles. And pick up a healthy and earth-friendly choice for yourself.


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