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10 Best Water Bottle Cages for Handlebars of 2019 - (Guide and Review)

by Bold Commerce Collaborator on June 22, 2019

You might be wondering which one is the best water bottle cage for handlebars! We are going to tell you!

Here we have listed and gathered the best ten options for you. We hope that by using these bottle cages, you can easily affix your water bottle on your bike or bicycle.

To begin with, one should know from which material these bottle cages are made of! Most of them are made of plastic, aluminum. And a few of the water bottle cage versions are made of stainless steel, titanium.

Or they are at times made of carbon fiber. Furthermore, our recommended cages can fit and affix most of the standard size water bottles. These cages have arms.

And they can seamlessly wrap around your water bottles in order to give them a secure and protected feel.

Moreover, by using these bottle cages, you do not have to worry about the falling out situation of your glass bottles during your ride.

Best Water Bottle Cages Reviewed

Water Bottle Cages

Even more, by trying out our recommendations, you are going to face an easy installation process.

You just have to fasten up these cages wholly and completely in the screw holes. Besides, these cages have hard surfaces and they are passed through the oxidation treatment.

So, what's the bottom line? Try out our suggestions as they are made of high-quality materials as well as passed through the premium manufacturing processes.


Benefits of Water Bottle Cages

Here's the deal for you, if you want to make yourself aware all the benefits served by the top quality water bottle cages, then read the rest of the post:


Offers Secure Hold to Your Bottles

Most importantly, these bottle cages manage to offer a secure and protected hold to your water bottles. This is the product which always remains lightweight. It successfully holds and wraps your bottles firmly and perfectly in place.


Fits Standard and also Oversized Bottles

Most noteworthy, by using these water bottle cages, you can easily and quickly fit standard as well as oversized bottles. These cages are designed in a manner to fit water bottles of all sizes and shapes.

However, if any of the bottle types fails to snug and adjust into this water bottle cage. Then you can even bend this case for the better adjustment.


No Falling off Bottles from Your Bike

In addition to, these bottle cages make sure that their arms wholly and perfectly wrap your water bottles. It is just their firm and secure hold that this tool has become so popular. Hence, from now onwards, no bottles are going to fall off from your bike.

This will happen because upon installing these water bottle cages, your bottles shall remain secured on them.


Types of Bottle Cages

Below you can check out one of the important and primary types with respect to the category of water bottle cages:


Traditional Alloy Water Bottle Cage

Firstly, we have this Traditional alloy water bottle cage for you. It comprises a simple loop which is composed of tubular alloy.

Most probably, this version is relatively and comparatively heavier than that of the rest of the space-age cages.

It is secure and extremely cheap in terms of price. Most certainly, upon buying this specific bottle cage type, you can easily bend it as well into any sort of shape.


Carbon or Plastic Wraparound Water Bottle Cage

Secondly, we have a carbon or plastic made bottle cage for you. These are extremely and immensely lightweight water bottle cage types.

They are composed of a sleek look. However, if you want to buy their top-end models, then they usually come with a premium and high price tag.


Rear Mount System Water Bottle Cage

Thirdly, in this kind of bottle cage, you are going to make use of the mounting brackets. By using these brackets, you can easily position the bottle cage exactly behind the saddle.

Furthermore, this sort of cage offers and deliver additional capacity for all kinds of small frames.


Where You Can Fix These Cages On Your Handlebar?

For sure, you might be thinking where you can fix a water bottle cage on your handlebar! We will explain that to you as well.

Most importantly, you have to decide and plan where you want to mount and install your bottle cage.

Take out the bolts and start to position your bottle cage. After that, you have to hand tighten those bolts in order to ho hold that bottle cage firmly in place.

Furthermore, by using the wrench, tighten up the bolts and secure everything up.

Finally, your bottle cage is completely secure. Affix bottles in it and enjoy your ride. Thus, this final step gives you a go ahead to pop and snug your bottles in this installed cage of yours.

If you are interested to know about the review on bontrager handlebar bottle cage mount, then keep connected with us too. Check out our post on 13 Best Glass Bottles In 2019 as well.


10- iHome Garden Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

    iHome Garden Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

    Want to know the best part about this iHome Garden Water Bottle Cage, here it is! This is a Lightweight Alloy Aluminum cage holder which is exceptionally and immensely easy to install. It is made of aluminum.

    And it only and just weights 1.3 ounces (37g). Its best and usp part is that it comes with and contains none of the welded portions. Furthermore, this bottle holder is immensely and quite flexible.

    It fails to break easily. It means it is completely durable and can be used for a long time. Moreover, this recommended bicycle bottle cage manages and successfully hold the bottle on the bike.

    With the package, you are going to get four standard size screws for the sake of bottle cage mounting process. Even more, this cage can be adjusted to snug, hug and fit bottles which have 2.7”-3”in diameter.

    You can also adjust, affix standard sized water bottles in it. Lastly, this product offers and give unconditional 18-month warranty time. Thus, if you plan to buy it, then share your experience and feedback as well.


    • Lightweight and durable.
    • Secure hold.
    • Easy to install.
    • 18-month warranty time.


    • None.

    9- FiveBox Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

      FiveBox Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

      How about using this FiveBox Water Bottle Cage Holder! Here, we are going to tell you the complete features of this bottle cage.

      And then you will give us your rating too. This reviewed bottle cage holder is made of Aluminum Alloy.

      Most importantly, this reviewed bottle holder offers extra strength and durability. It is also composed of low weight.

      The package is included with two screws as well so that you can complete your installation process conveniently. Most noteworthy, these screws are of standard size.

      This subjected cage contains and composed of arms so that your bottles can be wrapped around perfectly. Hence, we suggest you buy this bottle cage holder as it encompasses a light as well as durable design:

      It is much easy to install, you only have to use of a 4mm hex key in order to fasten the cage in screw holes.

      This is all, right after installing it, you are ready to affix your bottles in this purchased bottle cage holder.


      • Made of Aluminum Alloy.
      • Delivers extra strength and too durability.
      • Light and durable design.
      • Easy installation.


      • 4mm hex key is not included in the package.

      8- Skoloo Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

        Skoloo Bicycle Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

        Skoloo Water Bottle Cage comes on our recommendation list. This water bottle cage is ideally to be used for all kinds of and sorts of standard bottles.

        It successfully and snugly fit all those bottles which comprise diameter of almost and around 3 inches. Most probably, you may choose this top pick as it has an improved design.

        And always give a safe hold to your bottles. It seamlessly and conveniently clasps the bottle firmly and securely while you are cycling or biking.

        Consequently, buying this bottle cage is a great choice as its surface is heat treated. It contains 6mm thick profile and made of sturdy metal.

        Lastly, it is ultra lightweight and simple to mount and install as well. The package is included with two packs of water bottle rack, allen head screws. And also washers and allen key.


        • Adjustable by bending.
        • Improved design.
        • 6mm thick profile.
        • Easy to install.


        • None.

        7- Lumintrail Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

          Lumintrail Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

          Also, we have Lumintrail Water Bottle Cage Holder for you. You might be wondering why to pick out and opt for this suggestion! You should use this cage holder because it is durable. And along with that, it is lightweight.

          It is made of sturdy Aluminum Alloy and it weighs just 2.2oz. Most certainly, you may pick out this suggestion as it gives a secure and firm hold always.

          It is just because of its wrap around arm design which shall always keep your water bottles securely and firmly in their place.

          Besides, it is made and designed in a manner to fit the bottles which are approximately 2.8” in terms of their diameter.

          In addition to, this cage holder can get attached to any bike. It comes with these pre-drilled holes and you can use a 4mm or 5/32” Hex Key to fasten and secure this bottle cage properly.

          Lastly, have this bottle cage holder for handlebar either in silver color or in black color. Moreover, it contains sleek styling all because of the powder coating presence on it.


          • Lightweight and Durable.
          • Secure Hold.
          • Easy Installation.
          • Comes with sleek styling.


          • It is not adjustable by bending.

          6- BV Bike Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

            BV Bike Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

            BV Bike Water Bottle Cage comes with 15 Years Limited Warranty time. However, it is in the pair form that this bottle cage is sold out. It is in black and silver pair color that you can purchase this product.

            This is an Aluminum Water Bottle Cage. Most importantly, it is made of 6061-T6 aluminum plate and plastic which is heat treated.

            Every water bottle cage just weighs around 1.6 ounces. It means that it is extremely lightweight. It fits those bottles in it which are of diameter 3 inch.

            So, what's the bottom line? We recommend you buy this cage holder as it is constructed by using the aluminum and plastic combination. Even more, it does not comprise any of the welded pieces.

            And you can expand and adjust it too. Hence, try out this cage bottle holder as it is covered and packed by Bike Pak warranty.

            And you will also get 30 days Money Back Guarantee time. And along with it, the customer will get 15 years warranty time frame.


            • 6061-T6 head-treated aluminum plate.
            • 30 days Money Back Guarantee.
            • 15 years warranty time.


            • It is sold as a pair.


            TOPCABIN Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

              TOPCABIN Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

              TOPCABIN Water Bottle Cage is assigned with the fifth spot. This 26 OZ water bottle cage holder can adjust and fit the bottles which are composed of a maximum diameter of 3"(762mm).

              Moreover, it has firm and secured arms which are going to wrap and surround your water bottles during the ride.

              Do not worry about your water bottles falling phase because this reviewed product is here to help you.

              Besides, it is easy, quick and simple to mount and install. Just get hold of a 3mm hex key to fasten and secure this cage.

              It is because of its surface hard sort of oxidation treatment that we suggest you try out this bottle cage holder for once! Beyond, this cage is the name of extra strength and durability.

              Hence, order this product as you will be given with 30 days Money Back Guarantee and also 10 years warranty time.


              • Gives a secure and firm hold.
              • Quick installation.
              • Surface hard oxidation treatment.
              • 10 years warranty.


              • None.

              4- MIVOLI Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                MIVOLI Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                However, this MIVOLI Water Bottle Cage shall also give you a great time and experience. Its heat treated aluminum alloy, premium quality material, top notch manufacturing processes makes it a reliable product.

                Most importantly, from this water bottle cage holder, you will only experience extra strength, extra durability. It is combined with the property of low weight as well.

                This reviewed and suggested product is just 2.4 oz (69 g) each. Most noteworthy, it has this co-molded kind of grip surface which let the user enjoy a sure grip.

                If you are thinking what's the final verdict line with respect to this review section, then here you are! Thus, this is a reliable cage holder as it is resistant to rust and also aging.

                This cage is not going to give any scratch to your bike frame. Lastly, bottles of diameter 3"(762mm) can remain secure in this bottle cage.


                • Gives extra strength.
                • It is resistant to rust.
                • Offers a firm hold.


                • Limited in stock.

                3- Topeak Modula Java Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                  Topeak Modula Java Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                  Topeak Modula Java Bottle Cage comes on the third spot. This topeak handlebar water bottle cage mount comprises an engineered design. It is made of plastic and rubber and encompasses the maximum great traits and properties in it.

                  Most probably, you may prefer to pick this bottle cage as it has an adjustable knob. Due to the presence of this adjustable knob, you can affix water bottles with different and varied diameters.

                  Besides, you can set and adjust the length of this cage up to the range in order to fit a standard 12 oz bottle or 16 oz bottle.

                  Thus, do try out this bottle cage as it it can also accommodate starbucks coffee tumblers.

                  Moreover, if your bottles are of height 175 – 240 mm and if their lower diameter is up to 60 – 78 mm, upper diameter is up to 75 – 90 mm. Then this is an ideal bottle cage holder for them.


                  • Engineered design.
                  • Adjustable knob.
                  • Fits and affix Starbucks coffee style tumblers.


                  • Its installation process is a bit time consuming.

                  2- ZOYO Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                    ZOYO Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                    Another recommendation we have for you, it is ZOYO Water Bottle Cage.

                    However, we are confident that this suggestion is going to give and deliver you the best experience because it fits and affixes most standard sized bottles.

                    Even more, those bottles which have a diameter of 3”, then such bottles are ideal and appropriate for this bottle cage. High-quality aluminum is used in the making of this cage.

                    It delivers extra and additional strength and durability always. Moreover, this is a recommended bottle cage to be installed on a mountain bike or on the folding bike.

                    So, what's the special deal about this product? It is best to be used for fixed gear bikes as well as for cruiser commuter bikes.

                    To install it, get a 0.16” hex key and fasten it. We guarantee you that your bottles shall remain affixed and secure in this cage and will not ever fall out during your bike ride.


                    • Easy Installation.
                    • Contains a durable design.
                    • Lifetime warranty.


                    • None.

                    1- Alomejor Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                      Alomejor Water Bottle Cage for Handlebars

                      Lastly, Alomejor Water Bottle Cage comes on the first spot. This bottle cage is made by using aluminum alloy material.

                      Besides, this cage is featured with lots of and a multiple number of great properties.

                      This recommendation is anti-rust and gives high strength. Even more, it is wear-resistant as well as durable. Want to know the USP of this product?

                      It is that the package comes and included with all necessary fittings. You just have to fix and adjust the bracket exactly on the back side of of saddle.

                      Thus, order this bottle cage version for yourself because your bottles are going to enjoy a lot of stability and convenience while they are going to be placed in this cage.

                      At one single time, you can place and affix two water bottles in this cage holder. In addition to, this case is specifically and usually used in the saddle.

                      It means that this product is a space-saving option. And it is not going to disturb your cycling time.


                      • Made of aluminum alloy material.
                      • Comes with all necessary fittings.
                      • Offers stability and convenience.


                      • None.

                      Best Water Bottle Cages for Handlebars - Buyer's Guide

                      Water Bottle Cages

                      Lightweight, Compact & Durable

                      Most probably, you should pick that water bottle cage for handlebar which is compact, lightweight and durable.

                      Try to get that model which is made of high quality material and weighs minimum.

                      It should come with welded portions. Furthermore, that cage should be flexible and it should not at all break easily.


                      Universal and an Updated Design

                      Most certainly, your chosen cage should be encompassed with a universal and updated design.

                      If it has a universal design, then that cage will always offer your bottles secure hold.

                      Moreover, look for that bottle cage which let you not to worry about your bottles falling while you are on your vehicle.


                      Delivers Safe and Secure Grip to Your Bottles

                      In addition to, high-quality bottle cages are always heat treated.

                      It is just their high-quality material, their top most and premium manufacturing processes which give these cages extra strength and also durability.

                      Even more, these traits also let those water bottle cages to offer a sure and secure grip to the water bottles.


                      Easy to Install and Fully Adjustable

                      Besides, your selected and chosen bottle cage should be easy to install. And try to find out that cage which is adjustable as well.

                      Reliable and premium quality water bottle cages manage to adjust and fit the water bottles of different diameters.


                      Warranty Time

                      Lastly, your picked bottle cage should offer long warranty time. As an example, it should offer at least 18 months warranty time.

                      If any model or water bottle cage version offers unconditional lifetime warranty time, then do buy that bottle cage.



                      To summarize, as the top most recommendations with regard to the water bottle cages for handlebars are told to you. Let us know which recommendation has become the top pick of yours.

                      Moreover, further suggestions linked to the best carbon water bottle cage versions are coming up.

                      So, stay tuned with us always and check out The Environmental Impact of Plastic Water Bottles from here.

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