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7 Ways To Check if You are Dehydrated - [Short Guide]

by Bold Commerce Collaborator on June 15, 2019

It is your skin color and texture, your body temperature as well as your breath which can ultimately tell you whether you fall in the hydrated or dehydrated zone!

To begin with, here we are going to explain and tell you the 7 ways as to how to check if you are dehydrated.

Besides, if you do have a persistent and constant sweet tooth, then this is one of the major signs and symptoms that you need to drink more and more water. It is true, every single living creature out there, he or she needs water for its survival.

7 Ways To Check if You are Dehydrated

Check if You are Dehydrated

Furthermore, it is mainly because of peeing and vomiting and also sweating and diarrhea that a human body tends to lose lots of water.

Moreover, this loss of fluid gradually and collectively increase the need for your water. No doubt, if you will remain dehydrated, then your survival shall enter into the threatening zone.

Being thirsty is one of the prominent and clear signs that you are dehydrated. Even more, dehydration can cause cardiac arrhythmia as soon as your blood volume starts to reach low.

Thus, if you do not want to experience dizziness or fatigue, then keep your body hydrated all the time.


1- You Start Getting A Bad Breath

Check if You are Dehydrated

Most importantly, getting a bad breath is one of the noticeable signs that you are experiencing dehydration. Note that saliva comes with antibacterial properties.

And it is just because of the dehydration that our body stops to make enough amount of saliva.

In addition to, if your body gets fail to produce saliva, then the growth of bacteria will start at a rapid rate in your mouth.

Hence, one of the negative side effects of dehydration is that you get bad breath. So, if you want to experience fresh breath.

And you want your body to produce enough and maximum saliva. Then make sure to drink lots of water every day.


2- Individuals Get a Dry, Dull & Rough Skin

Check if You are Dehydrated

Most noteworthy, one of the easy ways to check and verify whether you are dehydrated or not! It is by checking and evaluating your skin texture.

If there is a deficiency of water content in your body, then you will always have dry or flushed looking skin. Individuals often assume this fact that dehydrated bodies sweat a lot.

This is not true at all! Most certainly, it is this dehydration which gives you a dry, dull, rough and patchy looking skin.

As soon as you are going to progress and move through the advanced stages of dehydration, then your skin shall start to look dull and dry.

Moreover, your skin may look and appear flushed at the same time. Hence, just pass your skin through this pinching test.

If it manages to remain tented and fail to get back to its normal appearance, then it means you are a dehydrated person.


3- You Eventually Experience Lots of Muscle Cramps

Check if You are Dehydrated

Also, a dehydrated person often experiences and face muscle cramps. Besides, this is a crucial dehydration symptom which you should always keep in mind.

Muscle cramps are largely and commonly caused because of heat illness condition. The minute your body starts to lose fluids, then it becomes ineligible to further cool itself appropriately and suitably.

And this condition gradually gives you heat illness leading to muscle cramps. Furthermore, if you are going to exercise in hot weather and remains dehydrated as well, then you will get muscle cramps.

Moreover, the hotter and dehydrated you are going to become, the higher number of chances are there you are likely to get and develop muscle cramps.

Consequently, keep yourself hydrated in order to avoid getting muscle cramps. Also, dehydration is possible during cold weather times as well. This may happen if you will fail to drink enough water while you are exercising or working out.


4- You Get Sweet Food Cravings

Check if You are Dehydrated

Most probably, you can get to know in a second as to whether your body contains a sufficient amount of water content or not!

It is done by checking your sweet food cravings! Thus, if you often get sweet food cravings, it means your body is thirsty and needs water.

In addition, it is extremely tough and difficult for your body organ liver to release glycogen if you are dehydrated.

If there is no water content present in your liver, then there is zero percent chance with respect to releasing of glycogen, glucose and the rest of the energy stored components from the liver.

Besides, a dehydrated body tends to face difficulty while breaking down glycogen as well as releasing glucose. It is for this reason that your body starts to opt and crave for sweet food.

So, drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated and stay away from unnecessary sweet food cravings.


5- Individuals Start Getting Headaches

Check if You are Dehydrated

Headaches are one of the common signs and easy ways to check if you are dehydrated! Most importantly, it is just this mild range of dehydration which can even result and lead to headache problem.

You have to remain sufficiently hydrated so that any minor or mild headache may not trigger or get activated in your head. Moreover, it is suggested to drink lots of glasses of water as well as to sip lots of fluids in order to avoid this condition.

Thus, dehydration is one of the major culprits if you ever get a headache. Various researches have proved that it trigger headaches in some people.

One of the studies have found out and proved that 1.4 percent of fluid loss causes headaches as well as moodiness among most of the healthy women.

At the same time, water restriction for about 37 hours may eventually and generally lead to headaches and also difficulty in focusing and concentrating.

Nevertheless, getting a migraine or a headache is a clear hint and sign that your body needs and require more water.


6- Individuals Face Fatigue & Sleepiness

 Check if You are Dehydrated

We know that there are a different and varied number of causes when it comes to fatigue and tiredness. At the same time, dehydration is one of the major causes as well.

Most certainly, one of the conclusive and prominent studies have proved that dehydration causes tiredness, sleepiness, and fatigue.

And this condition also decreases endurance while you are performing any sort of exercise. For the reason that it is always recommended to drink and have an adequate amount of water during workout and exercise.

Besides, it is thoroughly and extensively researched that fluid loss up to 1–3 percent is considered and marked as mild dehydration. And it eventually gives rise and birth to feelings of fatigue and also sleepiness.

Hence, it is time again and again said that if you are going to restrict your body in terms of water intake for 24 hours.

Then you will instantly face issues with respect to sleepiness, confusion as well as fatigue and too decreased alertness.

Thus, do drink water as dehydration gives rise to fatigue and tiredness which obviously none of you want to experience!


7- Your Urine Color Changes

 Check if You are Dehydrated

Lastly, to check if you are dehydrated, you can notice the color of your urine. It is your urine color and amount which can exactly tell you in detail about your dehydration and hydration status.

Urine is produced by our kidneys. And it is composed of both water as well as waste products.

Most importantly, if the person is dehydrated, then the kidneys are going to conserve water and you fail to pass out enough amount of urine.

Moreover and Interestingly, if the person is well and properly hydrated, then his urine color comes out to be clear and nearly odorless.

At the same time, if experiencing dehydration, then the urine color turns out to be cloudy and dark yellow. In addition, if a person gets a honey-yellow urine color, then this is a major indication that you are experiencing mild dehydration.

However, a deep and amber-yellow urine color which also comes with a strong odor indicates and hints that a person is having a severe dehydration time.

Hence, this is an overall prominent indication and sign that the color and also amount of urine tells you clearly about your hydration status.



To summarize, water is no doubt absolutely necessary for the sake of our survival. As it manages to make up 60% to 70% of the human body.

Same way, it is also our duty and obligatory function to drink more and more water. Moreover, each and every system of the human body solely and primarily depends on the hydration status.

At the same time, dehydration has a widespread and immense number of repercussions. However, it is easy to treat and cure mild dehydration.

But if someone is having severe dehydration, then no doubt, he has entered into a serious condition zone. And this condition may result in loss of consciousness or any kind of organ failure.

Thus, it is advised to keep your body filled with water. Drink lots of water, keep a water bottle with you and enjoy the hydration status all day long.

Be it any season and weather time. Just keep on having water and different fluids. And manage to keep your body 100% hydrated.

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