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How to Clean The Bottle with Stickers?

by Patricia Franklin on May 17, 2019

Water is the soul need for human body hydration. Water is the hydrating liquid so far. We most of the time preserve water in the plastic bottles and also store water in a plastic bottle for next use.

The cleaning of the plastic bottle is equally important as the cleaning of water in it is important.


 Sometimes, the plastic bottle is covered with the stickers on the lateral or external body.

These stickers stick to the bottle permanently and cannot be removed by ordinary means.

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This needs to be removed so that it meets our needs. The stickers are good in adhesion and tie a strong bond with the external body of the plastic bottle.


What are The Bottle Stickers?

Bottle Stickers

The bottle stickers are particular stickers that are specially designed for the water bottles to look attractive and cool.

These stickers are made of PVC generally and have adhesive properties.

The adhesion property of these stickers allows the stickers to stick on the plastic bottle tightly.


How to Clean Stickers?


Sometimes, we need to change the sticker because it may be ruptured or cracked.

To change these stickers, we must clean up the old sticker first.

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We shall be providing you the tips through which you can easily clean the plastic bottle with stickers.

Let's check out the following tips.


Wash Bottle with Hot Water

Hot Water

Washing the plastic bottle with hot water provide ease in the removal of the stickers.

Hot water has a property to unbind the sticker from the plastic bottle. Hot water basically damages the adhesion property of the stickers.

One can use this tip for the removal of the stickers from the plastic bottle.


With The Help of Vinegar and Table Salt

Table Salt

Vinegar and salt combination can also remove the stickers from the bottle external body in an effective way.

Vinegar being acidic in nature chemically can lower the sticking power of the stickers. Salt is also playing a vital role in the cleaning process of stickers from the bottle.

Without salt, it is difficult to remove the stickers from the plastic bottle with ease.

Vinegar and salts are usually available in every kitchen.


Detergent for Cleaning Stickers From The Bottle


There is a variety of special types of detergent available in the market which can effectively remove the stickers from the bottle external body.

These special types of detergents have chemicals, which help in the mildness of the sticker particles.

These mild sticker particles now can be removed with just rinse off with water.

This is one of the advanced techniques used to remove the stickers from the external body of the plastic bottle.

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Peel off Through Hands


Some stickers are very soft and easy in peel off completely through hand in less than a minute time.

These types of stickers are known as temporary stickers.

These types of stickers are usually seen on disposable plastic water bottles.

Peeling off of stickers through hand is the easiest method for cleaning the disposable plastic water bottles.


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