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How To Clean Glass Bottles Inside? - ( Step By Step )

by Patricia Franklin on April 29, 2019

Glass bottles usually come and designed in cool colors and shapes.

You can reuse them again and again as well. Use them to keep your beverages or for decoration purpose. But first, you have to clean them up properly. Below you will know the ways as to how clean glass bottles inside.

Clean Glass Bottles

You can use a bottle brush, gravel or rice along with dish soap or you can use vinegar and salt in order to remove that sticky residue from your glass bottles.


Cleaning Your Glass Bottles by Using a Bottle Brush

Firstly, you need to dispense a few of the drops of regular dish soap in that bottle. Fill up the bottle about halfway with cold water.

Start pushing the bottle brush completely into the bottle. You have to scrub it completely as well as thoroughly from the inside.

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Use that kind of bottle brush which fit and gets adjusted easily through the glass bottle opening section.

Glass BottlesIt should be able to read the bottom section of your bottle too.

Move the brush up and down and also around the other areas of your bottle and scrub it thoroughly.

Now, you can empty the bottle, wash it off and rinse it for about two to three times.

All dish soap content and water should be removed from the bottle. Let it air dry in an upside down position.


Use Gravel or Rice to Clean Glass Bottles Inside


You can even use rice or gravel to perfectly clean your glass bottles. What you need to do is to fill your quarter bottle with rice or gravel.

Now, you need to add up three to four drops of dish soap. Add water as well and properly shake the bottle.
While doing that, you need to close and shut down the opening of the bottle. In the way, the solution which you have made will not spill out.

You have to vigorously and intensely shake it in every possible direction. Like shake the solution in a back and forth direction and sideways as well.
Now, take out the solution and rinse your bottle thoroughly.

You have to fill up the bottle with clean water and after that, you have to dump it out. Repeat this step several times.

On the other hand, you have to rinse and wash the mouth of the bottle properly.

Pay special and keen attention to any of the threads, residue or solution which is left behind in your glass bottle.

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Make sure to remove and wash all gravel/rice or any of the traces of soap from the bottle before you air dry it.

Lastly, go for the air drying option and set your bottle in an upside down position by placing it on a towel.



The other effective ways of cleaning your glass bottles are to use vinegar and salt and also using Alka-Seltzer.

More quick, simple and easy ways will be put up with respect to cleaning up all kinds of glass bottles from inside.


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