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How to Clean Water Bottle Mouthpiece?

by Patricia Franklin on May 17, 2019

Water is the universal solvent as all we know it well. Water is the need of the human body and no doubt no one can claim it wrong.

For the preservation of water or for the storage of water humans invented plastic bottles.


The rationale behind inventing the plastic bottle was to keep the water clean and germ-free.  

The water present in the bottle cannot be in the safe zone unless its topmost mouthpiece is not present on it. Every germ can come into the bottle without the mouthpiece.

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The bottle with the passage of time its mouthpiece becomes dirty and the water taste becomes alter effectively.

Here are some methods through which you can clean the water bottle mouthpiece effectively.


Use of Hot and Salt


The use of salt and hot water is an effective old home remedy. This remedy is working effectively and still in use.

This remedy is economical and also easily available in almost every kitchen. When hot water and salt are used in combination. 

It works like the detergent for the cleaning of the water bottle mouthpiece.

Gently rub on the mouthpiece of the water bottle mouthpiece and use your hands for the best result.


Use of Mild Soap

Mild Soap

Use of soap can also remove the dirty unwanted stains and germs from the mouthpiece of the dirty water bottle. Mild soap lather helps in completely cleaning the mouthpiece of the water bottle.

The mild soap lather will stick out the hidden dirt from the mouthpiece and in a result, a clean mouthpiece has to be seen.

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Use of Vinegar 


Washing through vinegar is one of the effective ways of washing the mouthpiece of plastic bottles.

Because of the acidic property of the vinegar, it can clean out the mouthpiece effectively.

Acid is a good oxidizing agent and readily reacts with the dirt and converts it into mild dust which on washing with water cleanup completely.


Use of Baking Soda

 Baking Soda

Baking soda is also one of the ways of cleaning the mouthpiece of the plastic bottle effectively. Just you need to take the little vinegar in the pot and add some water in it.

Then take this solution and pour it on the mouthpiece of the plastic bottle in a few minutes the solution of baking soda and water will drain out all the dirt from the mouthpiece.

Baking soda is chemically base and water is the universal solvent which gives you the best combination for cleaning the mouthpiece of the plastic bottles.

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Use of Sharp Edges Brushes

Sharp Edges Brushes

The sharp edges brushes also play an important role in the cleaning of the mouthpiece correctly.

Special types of brushes are available in the market through which it can be made possible to clean the mouthpiece of the plastic bottle rightly. Sharp edges of the brush help it drain out of the dust particles.

The function of the brush is to drain the dust out of the mouthpiece of the plastic bottle.

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