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How To Clean Water Bottle Straw?

by Patricia Franklin on May 16, 2019

To clean and purify water bottle straws, here is the method for you. To begin with, we will tell you as to how to clean any kind of water bottle straw.

If there are any dirty straws present in your kitchen cabinet.

Then instead of throwing them out.

Bottle Straw

You can now wash and decontaminate them.

The below-mentioned ways will help you in cleaning and disinfecting teeny tiny straws present inside the bottles.


Using A Baby Bottle Brush

Baby Bottle Brush

Most importantly, one of the effective ways to clean a water bottle straw. It is done by making use of a baby bottle brush.

Besides, such a kind of brush can easily and seamlessly go inside the straw.

Most probably, this is a great tool which is used for this specific cleaning purpose. By using this baby bottle brush, it will allow you access tough-to-reach spots present in the straw.

Hence, this method will give a thorough cleaning to your straw.

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Making A Solution of Vinegar and Water

Vinegar and Water

In addition, you can make a solution containing vinegar and water. This is the best solution for cleaning all varieties of water bottle straws.

Just make this solution. And soak your bottle straw in it.

Furthermore, this solution act as in the form of a natural cleaning agent. And also as a sanitizing agent.

Moreover, after you allow the water bottle straw to get soaked for a few of the minutes. Then you have to let it dry.

Most probably, your bottle straw will get completely cleaned in a first attempt.


Using a Straw Cleaner

Straw Cleaner

Besides, you can use a straw cleaner to perform this job. Most certainly, it is the right tool to accomplish this task.

If you want to give your straws a thorough clean, then use this tool. Moreover, it encompasses a long and thin design in it.

This tool will let you scrub the inside sections of your water bottle straw. Beyond, it will give your straw a perfect cleaning job from top to bottom.

If there is any residual gunk present in that straw, then it will also get decontaminated and cleaned seamlessly.

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Hence, if your kids prefer to sip their beverages through straws.

Then make sure to clean them up beforehand with the help of this tool.


Tip To Get Mold Out of A Water Bottle Straw


Lastly, there are many water bottle straws which do have mold in them. So if you want to take that mold out, follow this tip.

Firstly, you have to fill your kitchen sink completely halfway with the help of hot soapy water. Moreover, you have to place the moldy straw all into the water.

After that, lay down a heavy dish on the top section of the water bottle straw. Besides, let that straw soak in that hot soapy water a for a few of the minutes. Keep the duration up to ten minutes.

This method will loosen the mold present in your straw. And consequently, your straw will get thoroughly and effectively cleaned.



To summarize, follow any of the methods. And share your feedback with us regarding the experience as which cleaning methods come out highly effective for you.

Hence, we hope these tricks will thoroughly clean your water bottle straws.


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