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Best Ways to Cut Glass Bottles - Simple Ways

by Patricia Franklin on May 02, 2019

There is a common trend of cutting glass bottles and then to use them as vases or for any decoration purpose.

So, here we are and we are going to tell you the best ways to cut glass bottles. You can do that by using hot water, do that with the help of motor oil and water.

You can even cut glass bottles by using a string, with the help of a flame or yarn.

Below we have mentioned you the description of these cutting methods.

 Cut Glass Bottles

Instead of buying expensive vases from the market, make your own glass vase by transforming your glass bottle in a beautiful looking decoration vase.

These cutting methods incorporate a few of the steps in them and they are easy to follow as well.

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Try these methods and create the most appealing glass creations in a budget-friendly way.

By far we have collected six methods with respect to glass bottle cutting techniques for you:


How to Cut A Glass Bottle with Hot Water?

Cut A Glass Bottle with Hot Water

The first simple way which we are going to discuss is cutting a glass bottle with hot water. The first step is to score the bottle.

You have to make a tension line on your bottle so that you can easily know from where to crack and break it down.

You can make use of a glass cutter or you can use a glass drill to make that single even line.

Wrap that tension line all around your glass bottle. Make sure that your score lines should not overlap with each other.

Ready your water and complete this method at a sink. You will need both the cold and hot water for this process. Keep the cold water at your side and boil hot water in a tea kettle.

This cutting process is mainly going to work and operate by pouring boiling and cold water at the same time and all in a back and forth modes.
Once you will ready your water then the next step is to start to pour the hot water. It is over the sink that you have to hold your glass bottle.

Slowly and gradually pour down the hot water over that score tension line. Just focus on the tension line and keep on pouring hot water on it.

Now, you can move the glass bottle completely into the cold water. There are chances that your bottle will not crack or break in the first attempt.

So, what you need to do is to continue adding hot water on its score line once taking it out from the cold water sink.

It is after two to three attempts that your glass bottle will snap, crack and be able to break cleanly off.

The last step is to sand the edges of your bottles. Take a rough grit of sandpaper so that you can smoothly sand the edges of your glass bottle. This final step will give a soft finish to your bottle.


How To Cut Glass Bottles Using Motor Oil And Water?

How To Cut Glass Bottles Using Motor Oil And Water?

The next simple way which you can opt to complete the task of cutting glass bottles is to use motor oil and water.

Firstly, you have to pour water in the bottle. Let the water reach the level where you want the bottle to be cut. Place the glass bottle in a metal basin.
Pour water into the sink entirely and wholly up to the level of the water which is present inside the glass bottle.

Now you can pour motor oil into the sink.
The next step is to burn a blade. Keep on burning until and unless it turns out to be red in color.

Place that blade into the basin and then you will hear a slight sound. This sound will give you an indication that your bottle is cut all successfully.

This is a simple and one of the convenient methods to cut any kind of glass bottle. It is because of the high temperature which is transmitted instantly and quickly from the blade to the motor oil which is residing on the surface of sink water.

As the oil was hot and the water was cold, for the reason that, the glass starts to expand from the outside section and eventually shrink itself from the inside section.

This mechanism ultimately separates and cut your bottle naturally.


How to Cut Using A String?

How to Cut Using A String?

Have you ever tried of cutting a glass bottle by using a string, if not then below we have penned down this simple glass bottle cutting process for you?
Firstly, you have to soak a string in lighter fluid for a few of the minutes. You can even soak this piece of string in a nail polish remover.

Then you have to tie up that soaked string properly and completely around the bottle. Tie it at the point and level where you want the bottle to crack and cut down.
Take hold of your goggles and keep on holding the glass bottle over a fire surface. This step will set that soaked string on fire. You need to give a little bit time to the string to burn on its own.

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Take a bowl and pour cold water in it. Place your glass bottle in that bowl. You will see and notice that your glass will break because of the temperature changing modes.
The last step is to tap your glass bottle in a gentle way. Tap it on the mark where you have tied the string, This will be the breaking point and it will let your bottle to instantly cut down.

Make sure to do the tapping by using the back side of the spoon.
It is with the help of a diamond coated file that you can smooth down the jagged edges of your glass bottle.

Remember that when you use this diamond-coated file, then your glass bottle should be wet and extremely well-lubricated.


Cutting a Glass Bottle With a Flame

Cutting a Glass Bottle With a Flame

With the help of a flame, glass bottles cutting process can be accomplished as well. Most probably, you will find this way easy and simple.

The first step which you have to perform is to score your glass bottle. Create a line in an even way where you want the bottle to break off. One you can use a glass cutter for this line marking step.

If you have a glass drill, then you can mark that scoreline by using this tool.

Start heating the glass bottle. Heat up the line which you have marked on it. You can either use a candle or you can use a small butane torch for this specific step.

Just focus and concentrate on the scoreline, it is just this even line which you want to heat up. You need to constantly rotate your glass bottle so that the line gets heat up in an even way.

After heating, you need to dip the glass bottle in cold water. Make sure to heat up the bottle for at least five minutes. Dip just that section of glass bottle in cold water which you have passed it through the heating process.

You can use a sink or take a pot of cold water so that you can conveniently place the bottle.
If your bottle does not cut down in the first attempt then pass it again from that heat-up process.

It is normally observed that two to three attempts are needed to cut any glass bottles seamlessly and smoothly. A single round of heating might not be enough. The person can simply repeat the steps for about 2 to 3 times then!

After that, once you get the desired cutting of your glass bottle, and its edges. Individuals can use the rough square of sandpapers to clean off and wipe away the rough edges of their bottles.

Remove all the sharp points and edges. Moreover, on an alternate basis, you can use finer grit sandpaper as well.

As soon as your bottle gets cut down, you have to perform this step immediately.

You are now ready to hold a clean looking broken bottle. Decorate it any style and place beautiful flowers in it.


Cutting Glass Bottles With Yarn

Cutting Glass Bottles With Yarn

With the help of yarn, any one of you can cut a glass bottle. If you could not find a yarn then you can also a thick cotton string.

Tie the yarn at the point and level where you would like your bottle to eventually and instantly break. It is for three to five times that you have to wrap up a piece of yarn. Tie and knot down the ends together.

It is in acetone that you have to soak this yarn. Take a small dish and slide that yarn off from the end section of your bottle.

Completely soak that yarn by pouring the acetone straight-up over the yarn.

Wrap down your bottle once again with that piece of yarn. You have to make sure that both of the loops of your yarn should be placed closely together.

Tie them up tightly so that you can see a clean glass bottle cutting job.

The next step is to light up the yarn on fire. Slowly and all gradually rotate the bottle on fire. You will eventually see that the yarn will burn at a consistent speed upon on getting rotated.

Now, you have to dip your bottle in cold water. Fill up your pot or sink with col water.

If you want to add ice, that is optional for you. Before you place your bottle in cold water, make sure that the fire on that yarn burnt out completely.
Upon placing a bottle in cold water, you will see the bottle will get divided into two pieces. The last and final step is to sand the edges.

Take rough sandpaper, this sandpaper is going to smooth down your glass bottle rough and jagged edges.

Remove all of the sharp corners, edges and avoid hurting yourself while you perform this specific step.

To see better results, you can use and avail fine grit sandpaper so that an extended smooth and soft finishing touch can come on your glass bottle.


How to Cut a Glass Bottle With a Dremel?


The last method which is about cutting a glass bottle with a dremel.

Firstly, you have to mask off the glass bottle. It is this dremel which will perform this cutting job exclusively.
Take hold of two strips of masking tape and place them closely together around the bottle where you want to see the cutting job.

Now you need to attach the glass-cutting bit exactly to the end section of the dremel. Slowly and gradually cut the glass all along that taped line.

This step might ask you to cut that taped line for multiple numbers of times.

If you want to get a clean cut then make sure to cut the taped line in the same direction for two to three times.

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Moving to the final step, sand the edges of your bottle. As soon as the glass bottle snapped down completely along the line, then it will be required from you to smooth the jagged edges.

Take a rough grit of sandpaper and start to smooth down all the rough and sharp pieces sections of your bottle.

After that, you can use a fine grit to further transform your bottle rough surfaces into soft and smooth looking one.



These are the exclusive ways of cutting glass bottles.

We have mentioned all easy, simple and quick to do ways to you.

Pick out any one of them and transform your useless glass bottle into a beautiful and classical looking glass vase.

Take out all your old glass bottles from your store section and apply thee techniques and bottle cutting methods on them.

Readers can share with us which method or cutting technique they follow whenever they have to utilize or transform their glass jars or glass bottles as vases or as decoration pieces.


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