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How To Make Infused Water Bottles? - Step By Step

by Patricia Franklin on June 10, 2019

If you are one of those individuals who are terrible and scary enough at drinking enough and required amount of water every day, then it is important for you to start using these infused water bottles.

To begin with, let us check out the process as to how to make infused water bottles.

It is only because of the dehydration that you often experience fatigue and headache kind of situations.

However, if you do not love or like the taste of plain drinking water. Then try making fruit-flavored drinks in these water bottles.


Step By Step Guide To Make An Infused Bottle

Infused Water Bottle

These bottles are a great alternative to avoid sugary drinks.

Furthermore, drinking from these bottles are not going to abandon and discourage your drinking habit halfway through.

Moreover, water present in these bottles comprises nutritious, delicious and healthy flavors in them. Thus, this is the real and actual beauty of fruit-infused water.

Even more, these infused water bottles give you all the benefits and plus points of drinking water.

This fruit infused water is by far and so far counted as the best thirst-quenching as well as hydrating beverage.

Apart from water intake, you get to enjoy and taste healthy flavors.

These fruit flavored drinks have now added sugar or none of the extra calories present in them.

However, there are lots of infused water bottles available in the market. And you can also make one such of them at your home.

These bottles are easy to make. And hence, they come out to be inexpensive too.


Using A Mason Jar, Water Bottle or A Glass Bottle

mason jar infuser

Most importantly, it actually and simply goes without saying that homemade fruit-infused waters are just healthy and look beautiful.

Firstly, to infuse water, you can simply make use of simple mason jars. Load them up with fresh fruits, vegetables as well as herbs.

Besides, some of the bottles have these built-in infusers so that you can further add flavor and taste while extracting out and filtering out the seeds.

Beyond, these built-in infusers help you extract large pieces of fruit pulp. At the same time, you are free to add fresh fruits and ice cubes into your water bottles.


Different Combinations To Make An Infused Water In A Mason Jar

Mason Jar

Most probably, you can try out the combination of adding and tucking watermelon + mint or blueberry + mango to make a delicious infused water.

However, combinations are unlimited and limitless in terms of numbers. You can try adding cucumber + orange or raspberry + lime or grapefruit + rosemary.

Most noteworthy, making an infused water of strawberry + lemon + basil is one of the best combinations so far.


Washing and Cutting The Fruits

Washing and Cutting The Fruits

Make sure that before you toss all fruit pieces in your bottle, it should be washed properly.

You have to wash and clean all your produce well and properly before infusing it.

No matter you are going to peel off those fruits. Still, you have to wash them. Cut down the fruits and veggies in small, thin sliced forms.

Such cutting is going to add more nourishing flavor in your drink.

Furthermore, you should not keep infused water drinks unrefrigerated for more than an hour time frame. By doing so, they will start to spoil fast.

Moreover, you can also refill your infused fruit flavored drink with some additional water in order to maintain a healthy and nutritious amount of good flavor.


Tossing Fruits and Ice Cubes in The Mason Jar

Tossing Fruits and Ice Cubes in The Mason Jar

Lastly, after getting done with the cutting part. You are now free to refrigerate or freeze your chopped fruit pieces.

After leaving them for a night, toss them in the mason jar along with ice cubes.

Thus, your super dooper and delicious fruit flavored drink in a simple mason jar is already.

In addition, even most of the individuals prefer not to use fruit filter section if they have purchased an infuser water bottle from the market. They follow the same homemade mechanism.

It means they toss ice cubes, fruit pieces, and water collectively and simultaneously.


Mistakes To Avoid When Making Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Most probably, infusing water with lots of fruits, herbs, and vegetables is always marked as one of the best and productive ways to drink plenty amount of liquids.

If you think water taste is boring, then try this alternative then! By infusing your water, you will automatically get nice tasting water which is packed with lots of healthy and powerful vitamins and nutrients.

For the reason that infused fruit flavored water is always a win-win situation for every single person.

Most certainly, those of you who are immensely addicted to artificial flavorings and consuming sugary soda drinks.

Then for such people, it is recommended to make their infused water bottle and fruit-flavored drink at home.


Always Pick Organic Products For Your Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

However, while making an infused water bottle, make sure that you always pick and go for organic products.

Just organic products recipe should be used by you. Do wash as well as clean your produce thoroughly.

Moreover, you need to rinse them well in order to remove and take off all kinds of pesticides, chemicals present on them.

Furthermore, this rinsing and washing part is important so that your organic products remain safe from at the attack of potentially harmful residues.

Always Make Use of Cold or Room Temperature Water In Your Infused Water Bottle

Besides, always remember that you have to make use of cold or room temperature water while making an infused water. On an ideal basis and terms, you have to pre-filter your water as well.

In this way, it is going to taste better. And the flavor of your induced water is going to get much and lot more appetizing in taste.

Furthermore, for pre-filtration step, you can either make use of a water filter jug. Or you can also use a water filter bottle.

Avoid Using Hot Water In Your Infused Water Bottle Under Any Sort of Circumstances

In addition, while you proceed towards the phase of making an infused water bottle.

Also, make sure that you should not use or pour hot water under any kinds of circumstances.

This is generally because of the reason that hot water makes the fruit and veggie pieces fall apart quickly and faster.

Hot water compromises and deteriorate the overall texture, taste, and nutrients of your chopped and tossed one veggie and fruits. Most probably, hot water may cook your fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Using A Glass Bottle Only To Make An Infused Water

 Infused Water

Most certainly, glass bottles are a recommended and suitable choice to make an infused water.

Just go with the option of using simple and plain glass bottles. Opting for glass bottles, it means no worries in terms of BPA content.


Toss Only Thinly Sliced Fruits

 Thinly Sliced Fruits

It is advised to toss and place only thinly sliced hard fruits. If you prefer to have softer fruits like that of and especially citrus fruits. Then make sure to make thin slices of them as well.

Moreover, you can also add up and toss loose herbs and flowers so that you can further spice up the taste and flavor of your infused water.

You can put a tea infuser in your water bottle or you can keep cheesecloth in it. This will help you to enjoy the taste of mint, lavender as well as rose petals, dried hibiscus and also basil.

Besides, you can toss and crush different kinds of herbs and spices. Remain to stay creative while you make an infused water bottle for yourself.

Some of the people love to add and toss hints of lemongrass and fibrous ginger root in their infused water.

Most probably, you may like the flavor and spice effect of mint, rosemary in your infused water.


More Tips Regarding Making Infused Water Bottles

If you are using melon and strawberries, then you need to remember that they will start to look eventually and automatically bad after a few of the hours.

On the other hand, it is suggested to use cucumbers as they manage to quickly and fastly seep into the water.

Besides, there are a few of the fruits which need and require overnight soaking time.

Those generally and mainly are fresh ginger root, apples as well as rosemary and cinnamon.

It is also seen that unpeeled citrus can make and turn out your infused water taste great and better.



Thus, this is the general and basic method when it comes to making an infused water bottle. Instead of only consuming sugary drinks.

You can now dispose off that habit. And start to drink only fruit flavored infused water.

Let us know what kind of infused water bottles you make. And what you like to add and toss them in it!

Even more, more methods of making DIY homemade infused water bottles will be shared with you. So, lots more interesting information and details are coming up. Stay tuned with us.


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