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Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs iBottleup [ Which is Best? ]

by Patricia Franklin on May 24, 2019

If this confusion is still prevailing in your head as to whether Hydro Flask water bottles or iBottleup water bottles are great for you!

Then we will sort out this specific query of yours. We have seen this common situation in recent years that both of these brands iBottleup and Hydro Flask, they make the world and top class insulated water bottles.

Their water bottles have almost taken the complete charge over the market. Or in other words, we can say that their bottles are just everywhere.

Furthermore, both of iBottleup and Hydro Flask has come out in the form of titans in terms of making vacuum insulated water bottles.

Both of them are currently enjoying an immense and huge level of brand fame and recognition. They have plenty number of customers on their table.

To begin with, let us have a look at the complete comparison aspects of Hydro Flask water bottles and iBottleup bottles. Both of them make a dynamic range of water bottles.

Their water bottles encompass superior and top quality aspects and properties in them. It is in top notch designs that both of these brands manufacture and design their water bottles.

Thus, let us have a look at the main and unique selling point of their manufactured water bottles.

In addition, you can also share your reviews regarding which water bottle brand you prefer the most:


Since how long Hydro Flask has been in business?

Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs iBottleup

Hydro Flask was founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon. Most importantly, Hydro Flask is the award-winning leader when we talk about the manufacturing zone of high-performance insulated products.

In addition, they also make beverage flasks and food flasks. It is their Unbound Series Soft Coolers which has really grabbed our attention these days.

Beyond, their water bottles have always inspired us to live an active lifestyle and a joyful life. Lastly, Hydro Flask innovation and creativity aspects showcase and display TempShield double-wall kind of vacuum insulation settings.

It is because of this innovation that the beverage texture and taste get to lock. Moreover, their bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel so that pure taste and durability can be assured.

And also their bottles are associated with the element of ergonomic design.


Hydro Flask Water Bottles - Why Their Water Bottles Are Super Best?

Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs iBottleup

Hydro Flask water bottles manufacture super extensive range and variety number of water bottles.

Thermal insulation and heat insulation properties are present in their every single manufactured water bottle type. Furthermore, no matter whatever adventure you are planning.

No matter you have planned for cross-country skiing times. Or you planning to have the campfire time with your friends.

Keeping a Hydro Flask water bottle along with you is a must for you. Moreover, you may see their bottles everywhere and in every single person hand!


Hydro Flask Water Bottles Carry Engineered Design in Them

Most noteworthy, it is these Hydro Flask water bottles which carry engineered design in them.

They manufacture their water bottles by keenly spending every single hour in an engineered manner.

For the reason that their water bottles have always made your lives more fulfilling. Moreover, their bottles are always premium. Or you can say that they are always better and superb than anything else.

Most probably, it is due to their original 18-ounce bottles and award-winning soft coolers that Hydro Flask has reached to the sky limits.

They not only believe in the aspect of making something, In fact, they always believed in making and creating something awesome.


iBottleup Water Bottles - Why They Are Best?

Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs iBottleup

The same amount of historical aspect is possessed by iBottleup. Talking exclusively about their water bottles, no doubt they give a huge competition to Hydro Flask water bottles.

Most importantly, their bottles quality are free from scratching, peeling, fading issues. They are dishwasher safe as well. Moreover, they are puncture resistant and rust-resistant.

Most noteworthy, their bottles are used by the individuals while they are going out for morning meetings.

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Or they are having a sunset time walk in the park. Even more, in these iBottleup water bottles, you can keep your wickedly hot coffee all warm and hot for hours and hours.

Besides, your cold beverages or water will manage to stay icy cold for a long time and an extended number of hours.

The detailed comparison between Hydro Flask Water Bottles vs iBottleup Water Bottles


Which is of Better Build Quality?

Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs iBottleUp

To begin with, if you are going to look according to the aesthetics perspective, then we can say that both of the products are visually amazing and appealing. Both of them come in a wide and extensive variety of colors.

However, if you are going to hold the water bottles. Then you may have observed that iBottleup water bottles are significantly heavier.

They constitute a better build quality. Besides, Hydro Flask water bottles feel cheaper, light by comparison.


Whose Features Are the Best?

Below you can have a look at the basic comparison which we have made and penned down with respect to the features encompassed by both of these water bottles:


Which Water Bottle Brand Cleaning Process is Easy? iBottleup Water bottles Win!

 Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs iBottleUp

Moreover, if we are going to compare their features, then some of the times iBottleup water bottles win.

And at times, Hydro Flask bottles win. iBottleup water bottles have an advantage in terms of cleaning as they are dishwasher safe. They offer easy cleanup process.

However, Hydro Flask water bottles can only be washed and cleaned by hand.


Which Water Bottle Brand Offers a Lifetime Warranty? Hydro Flask Water Bottles Win!

Most importantly, in terms of warranty time, Hydro Flask water bottles win this time. They offer a lifetime warranty.

On the other hand, it is observed that iBottleup water bottles offer a minimum range of warranty time. Besides, both of these warranties cover just the zones of manufacturer defects.


Which Water Bottle Brand Offers More Customizability? Both iBottleup & Hydro Flask win!

Most probably, in terms of customizability, then both of the parties win! It is true that both of them manufacture water bottles in lots of design, color, and sizes.

Customers often experience an extensive range of choices.


iBottleup & Hydro Flask Water Bottles Price Points are Almost the Same & Identical

Hydro Flask Water Bottles Vs Ibottleup

Most certainly, the price of their water bottles is almost same and identical. There is not much difference.

And it is also seen that when one brand increases its price or makes a little bit of fluctuation or changing in its price point section.

Then the other brand also makes a series number of changes at the same time.


Which of Them Are Stronger in Terms of Construction? Both of Them Wins!

Beyond, these Hydro Flask water bottles are double walled. They are packed with the settings of vacuum insulated TempShield Insulation.

Most certainly, it is the same technology which is used and installed in the rest of the Hydro Flask products.

It is because of the TempShield Insulation that your beverage shall manage to maintain its temperature.

These bottles are made by using 18/8 stainless steel. Hence, double-wall insulated construction is used in these Hydro Flask water bottles.

Moreover, iBottleup water bottles are packed with glass construction material. This material is non-toxic.

It can withstand and tolerate thermal shock properties. This glass is baked at somewhat a high-temperature range of 600°C.

It is this Borosilicate glass which they mainly use. And this glass type does not break off and wear off easily.


Which Offer Great Finishing? Both of Them Wins!

Hydro Flask water bottles utilize powder coating for color. Furthermore, iBottleup water bottles are perfectly finished as well.

Their glass construction material and stainless steel lids are coated and finished with high-quality materials.


Which of Them offer Both Standard mouth & Wide Mouth Bottles? Hydro Flask Wins!

Thus, it is these Hydro Flask water bottles which are usually available in the standard mouth as well as in wide mouth form.

On the other hand, we have seen this common situation in iBottleup water bottles that they only make wide mouth bottles.


Both Hydro Flask Water Bottles and iBottleup Water Bottles Have Passed Cold Water & Hot Water Test

We know that the basic purpose of carrying these water bottles is to keep your beverage hot or cold.

The best part is that both of these water bottles manufactured by iBottleup and Hydro Flask, their beverage texture retaining and maintaining time is pretty awesome.

Furthermore, both of them have passed these cold water and hot water tests. Like if you will keep a hot coffee or cold drink in any one of these iBottleup or Hydro Flask water bottles.

Then you will see that they will remain up to the mark in their taste and texture aspect for hours and hours time frame.

Both of them keep cold beverages taste for up to 24 hours. And hot beverages are maintained and retained by these water bottles for up to 6 to 8 hours.


Which Pass the Scratch Test? iBottleup Water Bottles Win!

iBottleup water bottles are truly and completely scratch-resistant. As they are made of Borosilicate glass.

For the reason that their water bottles will hardly get a scratch on them. No matter you throw your iBottleup water bottle in the gym bag. Or the bottle gets stuck somewhere, still, it will not get any scratch on it.

At the same time, Hydro Flask water bottles are scratched easily as well as deeply.


Which carries solid 304 stainless Steel Cover on Both of the ends? iBottleup Water Bottles Win!

Most importantly, iBottleup water bottles are packed and completely crowned with the presence of solid 304 stainless steel cover on both of the ends.

It means these water bottles excel all of the stages and phases of durability. But Hydro Flask water bottles lack such an aspect in them. They have this stainless steel cover on either one of their ends.

Thus, this factor and property let iBottleup water bottler to enter in the win-win zone. Even more, a few of the iBottleup water bottles have bamboo lids.

This is an exceptional element which is seen and observed on these water bottles.


Which Offer Maximum Holding Capacity? Both iBottleup & Hydro Flask win!

To summarize, and as we are reaching to one of the last sections of our comparison.

It is both of these iBottleup water bottles and Hydro Flask water bottles which offer maximum holding capacity.

Like their bottles holding capacity is up 350 ml or 450 ml which is pretty great. All in all, none of the bottle brands win in this category. Hence, there is a tie!


Which One of Them Has Received Certifications? Both iBottleup & Hydro Flask win!

Here also, both of iBottleup and Hydro Flask water bottles have shown a tie. Moreover, both of them are approved by official bodies.

Like, both of these brands have managed to get certificates from FDA, EEC bodies.

They are recognized by LFGB, CIQ bodies. Furthermore, these iBottleup and Hydro Flask water bottles are officially licensed by CE / EU, SGS bodies.



Hence, this is our entire and whole verdict which we have shared with regarding these iBottleup water bottles and Hydro Flask bottles.

It is still difficult to decide as which water bottle brand stand out from all sides and angles! Besides, some tests are passed by iBottleup.

And some of the tests are clearly passed and immensely scored by Hydro Flask water bottles.

Most probably, for most of the people, both of them are their favorites. Both of them have made a special place in their customer's hearts.

Let us know which bottle brand you use the most! Moreover, you can let us know and pen down your verdict too.

Lastly, keep connected with us as we will sooner share more of the verdicts with you.

By looking at the details, all of you must have clearly decided by now whether iBottleup or Hydro Flask bottles are best for you.


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