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Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brushes Review in 2019

by Patricia Franklin on May 18, 2019

Here you are going to get the complete information regarding the best long bottle cleaning brushes.

To begin with, the total top ten options and the best versions are recommended to you. If you think it is tough to clean, purify and decontaminate long bottles.

Then we are sure that these cleaning brushes will help you out.


Guide To Choose The Best Long Cleaning Brush

Best Long Cleaning Brush

Furthermore, our recommended cleaning brushes are made of nylon construction material.

They are available in long and wide dimensions. Most of the brushes have 16" extra long brush.

Moreover, they have a 2.5" diameter. It is because of these dimensions that your cleaning job will get quick and fast.

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Use these brushes to clean your beer bottles, wine bottles. or any other sort of wine bottles.

Besides, it is because of their wide brush cleaning heads that you will easily wash your bottles in the first attempt.

Let us have a look at the details now:


Benefits of Cleaning Bottle with Brush


Cleaning Job Gets Quick and Fast

Most importantly, people prefer to use these long bottle cleaning brushes. It is due to the main reason that they want to make their cleaning job quick and fast.

As their heights are 18". And they encompass 2.17" diameter.

For the reason that people rely on these long brushes a lot. Such brushes reach to the deepest section of your bottle seamlessly and flawlessly.

Even more, they give a 360-degree cleaning job to your bottle.


Long Bottle Cleaning Brushes are Easy To Use

Most noteworthy, one of the important benefits which explain why people clean and decontaminate their bottles with these brushes.

It is that such brushes are easy to use! In addition, such kind of cleaning brushes is made of durable material. And it is this aspect which makes their usage and functioning immensely easy.

These brushes are packed with durable bristles.

Moreover, they have comfortable-grip handles.

It means any of the beginner level people can quickly learn as to how to use these brushes.

A cleaning brush gives a powerful cleaning wash to your bottle

However, it is important for you to clean your bottle with the help of a cleaning brush. Because if you want to give a powerful wash to your bottle. Then using such a brush is important for you.

Most probably, you may have seen that these brushes bristles are stiff and durable.

They are quite strong. That is why it gets easy for you to remove all the hardened stains from your bottles.

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10- LQSmile Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Angled Tip Design

LQSmile Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

To begin with, we have LQSmile Long Bottle Cleaning Brush for you. This is a recommended one bottle brush cleaner which will give you effective results. It is 17" Extra Long Brush.

Furthermore, by using it, you can easily clean your narrow neck beer and wine bottles.

Moreover, if you want to wash and clean Kombucha, wine bottle, stainless steel long bottles, then pick up this option.

Most importantly, it is due to the angled tip design that we have suggested this option to our viewers.

It is its curved end which will reach to the corners and sides sections of your bottle.

Besides, it is encompassed with additional bristles. This way, your bottle will experience a thorough cleaning job. We hope that this option will give you exceptional value and experience.

Hence, try it and give us your feedback.

You will love it as it is easy to hold and easy to use. And it is also made of 100% Boar bristles.


  • 17” extra long
  • Angled tip design
  • Easy to hold and use
  • 100% Boar bristles


  • None


9- TISSA Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Durable Material

Also, we have TISSA Long Bottle Cleaning Brush for you. It is 18" Extra Long x 2.17" Extra Wide. If you get exhausted while cleaning the inside sections of your bottles.

Then there is a great option for you. Those bottles which have narrow necks, it is for such versions that this Tissa bottle brush is design.

Besides, it is simple to use.

It is also made of durable materials. Or you can say that it is encompassed with the induction of premium quality materials. Beyond it comprises durable bristles.

It has this lengthened body so that you can conveniently clean all kinds of long sized bottles.

Thus, you should try out this cleaning brush. As it comes with power cleaning abilities and properties.

In addition, its bristles are quite and immensely stiff.

They are durable and strong. It is these properties which can successfully remove hardened stains from your bottles.

Lastly, you will get 12-month Limited Warranty time.


  • Durable Material
  • Simple Use
  • Powerful Cleaning Ability
  • 12-month Limited Warranty time


  • It lacks an angled tip design


8- ALINK 17” Extra Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Soft Bristles

ALINK 17” Extra Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Furthermore, you will love using this ALINK 17” Extra Long Bottle Cleaning Brush. Most probably, you will count this brush as an ideal bottle cleaning brush.

For washing long brewing bottles or Hummingbird Feeder, you can use this brush then! Moreover, this is 17” extra long brush. You can seamlessly wash all sorts of bottle types by using it.

Note down also that it contains 2.5” extra wide bristles diameter. Furthermore, it has a 9” long brush head.

This brush head is immensely durable and bendable.

Beyond, it is accompanied and fused by 18/8 food-grade stainless as well as soft kind of PBT bristles.

This is an exclusive and reliable bottle cleaning brush which is BPA free. It is also non-toxic.

Hence, try out this version. We are sure it will give you a  good grip. This brush is extremely comfortable to use. And it will always make your cleaning job easier.


  • 17” extra long brush
  • Contains extra wide bristles
  • It has soft PBT bristles
  • Immensely comfortable to use


  • None


7- Ageoflove Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Easy To Hold and Use

 Ageoflove Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Ageoflove Long Bottle Cleaning Brush comes on the seventh spot. Basically, this long bottle cleaning brush is 16" extra long. And 2.5" in terms of its diameter range.

It is its cleaning head which is extremely and excessively big and wide. Hence, this property makes this brush a lot more popular.

Its wide head and long handle will give you a quick cleaning job.

Even more, its wide and big brush is flexible at the same time. This way, you can easily access and clean hard to reach places of your bottle.

Most importantly, this is an extremely thin sized brush. It is designed in a way so that it can get fit into those bottles which have a small mouth.

Those bottles which have 0.6" narrow neck openings, then such a brush can perfectly clean these kinds of bottles. Consequently, you can give your thumbs up to this model.

As it has a sturdy and firm handle. And you can use this brush on multiple styles and types of bottles.


  • It has a wide brush cleaning head
  • Easy to use and hold
  • Firm and sturdy handle


  • Limited guarantee time


6- Coralpearl Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - High-Quality Material

Coralpearl Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Most certainly, you will prefer using this Coralpearl Long Bottle Cleaning Brush as well. This Coralpearl Utility Bottle Cleaning Brush is exclusively designed and manufactured. It gives you a comfort grip always. In addition, its bristles are made of nylon.

This material is extremely high-quality and durable. Most noteworthy, these bristles will make your scrubbing job easy and quick.

If there are any stains, dirt or food particles stuck in your bottle, then you just have to scrub the brush bristles on that area.

Besides, it is packed with the presence of long and thin handle. Such a handle can flawlessly clean those kinds of bottles which have long necks.

Lastly, we are a little bit confident that you will review and rate this product strongly as well. As this is a reliable and high-quality version of long bottle cleaning brush.

So, try it and share your experience. It is in the white and black color combination that you will get this model.


  • Offers a comfortable grip
  • Easily scrub away the stains
  • Long Thin Handle
  • Square plastic hook hole for the sake of hanging


  • None


5- LiKee Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Stiff Bristles

LiKee Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

However, we have the next great recommendation for you. And it is this LiKee Long Bottle Cleaning Brush.

This is an exclusive looking 18" extra long brush. Moreover, it is 2.17" diameter wide.

As it is simple to use. And at the same time, it is completely fused and packed with the induction of premium quality materials.

For the reason that this brush will serve you in an excellent way.

It is attached with durable bristles.

In addition, its comfortable-grip handles will give you much convenience while using it.

Most probably, you are going to use and buy this version because its bristles are stiff. They are intensely durable.

It is such a kind of brush which can remove all dirt and stains from your bottle in a minute.

Even it can clean the bottom section of your flawlessly. Hence, try this durable brush and share your feedback


  • Durable Material
  • Extremely Simple Use
  • Powerful Cleaning Ability settings


  • It lacks a Square plastic hook hole


4- BNYD Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - High-Quality Foam

 BNYD Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

How about using this BNYD Long Bottle Cleaning Brush! We are sure this option will give exceptional and satisfactory results.

Most importantly, this is a flexible and lightweight cleaning brush.

This is reusable as well. It is long enough to clean all sorts of long and wine bottles.

Moreover, if there is any dirt present on the bottom part of your bottle. This cleaning brush will still take out that dirt flawlessly.

Besides, this is an ideal long bottle cleaning brush for the sake of cleaning of wine decanters and goblets.

In addition to, its length is approximate 44 cm which is pretty long enough. As it is made of high- quality foam.

Thus, we are right away suggesting this option to you. We hope this cleaning brush will come out as a multifunctional cleaning tool for you. Now no dirty bottles will roam in your kitchen.

As you have this amazing option in your hands.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Made of high-quality foam
  • Multi-functional


  • None


3- Olthing Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Eco-Friendly

Olthing Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Then on the third spot. We have Olthing Long Bottle Cleaning Brush for you. Most certainly, you will give one of the highest marks of this option.

As it is odor resistant and also eco-friendly.

This is handmade in Korea.

This option is exclusively and specially designed. It comes in a hand-knitted form.

It is ultra durable and made of high-quality yarn. While using this brush, you will experience extra strength and durability aspect. Moreover, its material is based on the quick-drying property.

You can sanitize this brush simply in the dishwasher. In addition to, it is 15 inches long and carries nonslippery design.

It has this thick brush head so that you can conveniently clean all those bottles which have wide and normal openings.

Even more, this set is also encompassed with a thin brush head.

Such a brush head will make it easy and simple for you to clean those bottles which are fused with narrow bottle openings.


  • Eco-friendly and Specially designed
  • Made of high-quality yarn
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slippery


  • Limited in stock


2- Hiware Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Safe Materials

Hiware Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

Even more, you can buy this Hiware Long Bottle Cleaning Brush. It comprises more than 16” total length.

For cleaning up tallest water bottles, this option is hence the best one. Most noteworthy, it is packed with 8” long brush head.

It contains a bendable wire so that you can clean hard to reach areas of that bottle as well.

This is a great brush for cleaning baby water bottles and beer bottles. And also for cleaning long glass jars and brewing bottles.

Besides, if you are looking for such a kind of cleaning brush which can clean all kinds of standard long sized bottles, then do pick out this model.

We suggest you try this model as it will make it easy for you to clean up narrow-neck bottles.

In addition, this same brush works in the best way for cleaning up and purifying wide-neck bottles.

Such kinds of bottles mainly include Hydroflask, thermos bottles as well as tea mug options.

Even for cleaning and purifying Blender Bottles and sports bottles, this model will meet your expectations for sure.


  • More than 16” total length
  • Made of food grade polypropylene
  • It is BPA free and made of safe materials


  • None


1- Wooden Handle Bottle Brush - Coiled Shape

Wooden Handle Bottle Brush

To summarize, we have the number one option for you in the form of these long bottle cleaning brushes. And it is this Wooden Handle Bottle Brush. It is a must for you to try it.

Most importantly, it has this coiled shape.

It is because of its coiled shape that your cleaning job will become immensely quick. Such brushes should have this kind of shape.

This way, the bristles of that brush will seamlessly reach to hard to access sections of your bottle.

Most of the cleaning brushes fail to reach hard to access corners and sections of bottles.

For the reason that there is no use and it is completely pointless to buy such brushes.

Hence, do buy this long bottle cleaning brush as it has a wooden handle. It is also its wooden handle which makes this option so much famous and popular.

Its wooden handle will give you a longlasting and comfortable grip as well. Besides, it is in extremely less time that you can get rid of all germs and bacteria present in your bottle.

However, if you plan to buy this Wooden Handle Bottle Brush. Then make sure that you give your honest rating and feedback as well.


  • It comprises a coiled shape
  • It manages to reach all corners of your bottle
  • Great quality


  • None


Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brush - Buyer' s Guide

Best Long Bottle Cleaning Brush


Long and Wide in Terms of Its Dimensions

If you want to clean your long sized bottles, then make sure that you should always choose the brushes which are long and wide. Look for the brush option which is 17” extra long.

Most noteworthy, try to get that cleaning brush which is not less than 17 inches in terms of its length.

If it is of short length, then your cleaning job will eventually get tough.

For long sized bottles which mainly include narrow neck bottles, beer bottles, and wine bottles.

It is for these bottle types that long and wide bottle brushes should always get purchased by you.

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Angled Tip Design

In addition, try to shop for that kind of cleaning brush which has an angled tip design.

Or your purchased cleaning brush can have a curved end or a coiled shape. It is these sorts of shapes which will give a 360 degree and perfect cleaning to your bottle.

Such a sort of angled tip design will reach to the sides and every single section of your bottle as well.

Moreover, this angled tip design will make your brush head durable and longlasting.

Besides, such a design make your cleaning brush head bendable too.


Easy To Hold and Easy To Use

Most certainly, try to choose that bottle cleaning brush which is easy to hold. And at the same time easy to use.

In terms of easy using, do note down whether its handle is firm and sturdy or not.

Besides, it should have a hook on it for the purpose of hanging and easy storage. High-quality cleaning brushes have extra long handles.

So that the user experiences easy to grip time.

Hence, extra long handle and easy to use factors count a lot while you shop for such bottle cleaning brushes.


100% Boar Bristles

Beyond, look for the option which is made of 100% and real board bristles. For any bottle cleaning brush, the quality of boar bristles matters a lot.

Reliable options always have their boar bristles made of quality, premium, and nature-friendly materials.

If your bottle cleaning brush has 100% Boar bristles. And if it is free from foreign smell, then do buy that option.

Moreover, premium quality cleaning brushes are BPA free and non-toxic as well.



Lastly, get that long bottle cleaning brush which is multifunctional. Like it should display and offer multiple uses.

Shop for that model which can easily long narrow neck bottles and teapots.

If it is multifunctional, then it can quickly clean your long vases, glass jars as well.

No matter you have long sized water bottles, pitchers, thus, your chosen version should clean all the extensive variety of bottles quickly.

Finally, try to pick that version of long bottle cleaning brush which can also clean tall sports bottles for you.



To summarize, we are quite sure and 100% confident that you will like the usage and application of these cleaning brushes.

Moreover, it is the time to completely fumigate and clean up your long sized bottles.

Get hold of these cleaning brushes. And give a superb cleaning job for your bottles.

Even more, if you try our suggested versions and options.

Then do give us your feedback.

It is often seen that individuals show a casual and delayed attitude while cleaning and washing their bottles.

This practice has to get stopped by now! If you have such amazing long bottle cleaning brushes in front of you.

Then your bottle obviously needs a perfect cleaning time from your side. Hence, try these recommendations.

Give your rating and opinion to us over here. Besides, if more of the long bottle cleaning brushes models will come in the market, we will let you know.


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