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How To Paint Glass Bottles - [ Easy Steps ]

by Patricia Franklin on April 29, 2019

Glass bottles can be painted from the outside or inside, there are many creative ways to paint them up.

Besides canning, you can use them in an enormous number of ways.

Most of the people like to use such bottles as vases for keeping the flowers or as pencil holders.

Paint Glass Bottles

You can use such bottles as simple decorations as well. Painted glass bottles always look super classy and fabulous.

By giving them a perfect touch and hint of color, they can enhance your home decor look too. Below is the guide for you as to how to paint glass bottles:


Painting the Glass Bottle - Steps for You

Paint Glass Bottles

Firstly, you have to remove all kinds of labels and printed stickers present on your glass bottle. Peel off all the possible labels and price tags as well.

Then you have to wash your bottle or glass jar thoroughly with the help of soap and water. It will be great if you will wipe your bottle by using rubbing alcohol.

After that, you have to apply two coatings of acrylic craft paint. As soon as you are going to apply the first coat, first of all, allow it to dry.

It will take about 20 minutes to let the first coating dry up completely. You can either use a paintbrush or you can use a foam brush.

After the completion of 20 minutes of duration, you can apply the second coat.
You need to let the paint to dry thoroughly and completely overnight.

A few of the acrylic craft paint versions, they are mainly and generally enamel-based. They require more time in terms of drying.

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The person can use a glossy sealer in order to give a shiny finishing to his glass bottle.

It is up to you if you want to use a satin sealer or a matte sealer. We have commonly seen that a spray-on sealer usually gives the nicest finish to glass bottles.

Let the sealer to dry. As you have painted the outside section of the glass jar, that is why you can use this bottle as a vase for keeping fresh flowers.

Avoid scrubbing your bottle or never leave it in water, if you do so the paint coating present on your bottle will come off.


Different Techniques to Paint Glass Bottles

Techniques to Paint Glass Bottles

On your glass jar, you can draw any kind of creative design on it with the help of hot glue. Most of the bottles are packed with simple designs which include dots, swirls, hearts.

With the help of a small paintbrush, you can even paint delicate designs on your bottle. Reverse stencils can be created by using adhesive vinyl.

If you want to do this job quickly, then you can spray paint the bottle. To add glitter touch on to your bottle, you should use a decoupage glue for this job.



This is how you can paint your glass bottles on your own.

To make them more appealing, you can wrap a ribbon around the bottle to bring a more decorative touch on it.

Share with us how you paint your glass jars and share your painting techniques with us as well.


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