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4 Ways to Remove a Paper Label from a Plastic Bottle

by Patricia Franklin on May 14, 2019

We know that plastic bottles are normally encompassed by strong adhesive kind of paper labels pasted on them.

To begin with, here you will get the details regarding the ways as to how to remove a paper label from a plastic bottle. Most importantly, we will discuss the top 4 ways with our readers.


These simple ways will guide you regarding taking off all kinds of paper stickers seamlessly from the bottles. And also the job of removing any sort of paper labels from the bottles will become quick and fast.

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Furthermore, if you are planning to use a plastic bottle for some decoration purpose. And you want to take off that paper label from it.

Then these below-mentioned and recommended ways will help you a lot.

Moreover, this method is applied to those plastic bottles which are later on used for craft projects. Or for other DIY projects.


Freezer Removal Technique

Freezer Removal Technique

Step 1

Most importantly, it is this freezer removal technique which can perform this subjected job for you in less time.

To begin with, the first step is to put the plastic bottle into the freezer door.

Moreover, it is for ten minutes duration that you have to keep this placement. It is up to you if you want to extend the freezing time or not.

Furthermore, the purpose of this step is to make adhesive breakable and brittle. This way, it shall get easy for you to take off that paper label.

Once the ten-minute duration is done.

Then you can take out the bottle from the freezer door.


Step 2

Then you have to move yourself to the second step.

Make sure to slowly and gradually peel off the paper label. In addition, it is from the corner section that you should start this peeling off the job.

Besides, starting from the corner, the paper label will get easily removed from the plastic bottle.


Step 3

Lastly, here comes the third step.

You have to continue peeling this paper label. Most probably, it is in a one-minute time span that the paper label will come out from the plastic bottle completely.

Thus, by following this method, the paper label attached to your bottle will come

out in the form of one clean piece.

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By Opting The Oil Removal Technique

 Oil Removal Technique

Step 1

Besides, following the above-written method. You can also follow this oil removal technique. this technique also gives the best results.

The first step is to get a bottle of essential oil.

Most importantly, one of the best choices is lavender oil. Or you can have the tea tree oil.

Moreover. you can go with the option of eucalyptus oil. In addition, these are the cheapest one oil options for you.

For the reason that it is wise and smart to pick these oil options.


Step 2

The second step is to tip and pour a few of the drops of that essential oil on a cleaning cloth piece.

Grab a clean piece of cloth. Beyond, it should not have any dirt on it. 

However, you can also use a paper towel piece. Or you can use a tissue paper to complete this step.


Step 3

After that, you have to rub that clothing piece on the plastic bottle where the paper label is present.

Most certainly, it is right after the first application that you are going to see the desired results.

It is exactly over the label that you have to perform this rubbing job. Most noteworthy, you have to focus on the paper label edges.

Thus, by giving particular attention to the paper label edges, your job will become quicker.


Step 4

Consequently, you are now ready to move on one of the final steps. Once you will complete the essential oil application process.

Then you get to enter in the position to remove and take off that paper label.

Most probably, it is this oil application technique which will seamlessly remove the paper sticker from your bottle.


Step 5

Hence, this essential oil technique will loosen the effect of adhesive attachment present on the label.

Moreover, if you notice that there is still a residue of paper label on the bottle. You can repeat the process one more time if there is a need.

After that, you have to wash your bottle with the help of warm, soapy water.

In this way, you can further remove all sorts of oiliness which was left and remained on the plastic bottle.

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Soapy Water Soak Technique


Step 1

To begin with, the first step which you have to follow. It is to place the plastic bottle into a hot and soapy water tub.

Furthermore, let your plastic bottle soak in that hot water soapy tub for some time. As soon as you notice that the water is getting lukewarm.

Then that is a sign that your first step is finished.


Step 2

Now you can remove and take out the plastic bottle from the water tub. Moreover, start to peel off the paper label.

Make sure to peel off and remove that paper sticker as much and as possible as you can.

Most certainly, the whole paper label sticker will not come off in the first attempt. It may take some time.


Step 3

However, if the paper label does not come off and get removed wholly. Then you can place the bottle for one more time in the hot water soapy tub.

Even more, let it soak again for some more minutes and duration.

Repeat the step again with respect to removing and taking off the paper sticker.


Step 4

Hence, you can make use of essential oil.

Or you can also apply a goo remover on your bottle paper label section, This way, the rest of the paper label residue will come off completely.

Moreover, do give a wash to your plastic bottle once you are done with this method.

This wash will remove all oiliness from your bottle.


Using Commercial Products 

Using Commercial Products

Step 1

Furthermore, there is another method which guides the person as to how to remove the paper label from a bottle. This method is done by using commercial products.

Firstly, get a product that comprises orange oil in it. Most importantly, it is at the department stores that you can easily find such a product.

Or you can visit the hardware stores.

In such stores, you can hassle-free such commercial products.

Moreover, these kinds of products are available at the auto stores. And also at the stores which encompass an extensive collection of cleaning products.


Step 2

In addition, you have to strictly follow all the instructions. Look at the packaging of your purchased product.

And clearly read the instructions as to how to use and apply it. Besides, you have to spray this purchased onto the paper label.

As soon as you will spray it, then you have to wait for the specific number of minutes and duration.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the spray gets set completely on your bottle paper label sticker section.


Step 3

Thus, the last step is to remove and take off that paper label.

You can repeat the removal step if you think that the paper label has not come off properly. And if there is still a residue!

However, you have to wash your plastic bottle as well once this process is done. Wash it in warm, soapy water.

This washing step is essential for the sake of removal any kind of oiliness which is already there on your plastic bottle.

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Tips on Getting Rid of Paper Label Stickers

Paper Label

Tip 1

Furthermore, you can use a hair dryer in order to remove those paper label stickers from your plastic bottles.

You only have to move that hair dryer on the paper label sticker.

In addition, it is for a few of the minutes that you have to perform this step.

After that, you can turn off the dryer. And then start to peel off the sticker.

Even more, start this peeling job from the corner section of that paper label. Lastly, to remove the residue of that paper label.

You can take a cotton bud. And then pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil on it.

This application will remove all that paper label sticker residue flawlessly.


Tip 2

Most noteworthy, you can also make use of cooking oil to perform this paper label removal job.

Firstly, you have to apply a thick coating of cooking oil on that paper label section. Let that cooking oil soak in for about 24 hours.

In addition, after this 24 hours time span.

You can peel off the paper label easily. Once you will peel off this paper label.

There will still remain some sticky residue.

Most certainly, you can apply oil on that residue. And let it sit like this for overnight time



To summarize, we have mentioned all of the possible ways to our readers which are about paper label removing process.

We hope that you will find these methods easy.

If there are any plastic bottles present in your kitchen. And you want to utilize them for different DIY craft projects.

Then make sure to remove and take off their paper label stickers beforehand. Keep connected with us as more such easy to follow methods are arriving sooner.


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