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7 Facts About Plastic Water Bottles - You Need To Know

by Patricia Franklin on May 11, 2019

To begin with, here we will talk about 7 facts about plastic bottles. You must have complete awareness and know how about these facts. Most importantly, these plastic bottles require and need up to 700 years to dissolve themselves.

Furthermore, 90% of the cost and overall price of bottled water, it is the bottle itself.

Do you also know that 80% of plastic bottles never and ever get recycled, it is true!

Plastic Water Bottles

Moreover, 38 million plastic bottles mainly and primarily go to landfill in every single year in just in America alone.

In addition, 24,000,000 liters of oil is especially required for the sake of production of these billions of numbers of plastic bottles.

Talking about the American population, the average American makes use of 167 bottles of water on a per year basis.

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In the entire history of mankind, bottling water is one of the least energy efficient methods associated with the water supply.

Lastly, bottled water is the second most famous and popular beverage so far in the United States.


7- In Ontario, About One Billion Plastic Water bottles Are Sent To Landfills in Every Single Year


Most noteworthy, this is a true fact which is encompassed by plastic water bottles.

It is observed that in Ontario alone, about one billion number of plastic bottles are sent to landfills in every single year.

Even more, this specific estimation is given by Nestle. According to this estimation, 70% to 75% of plastic water bottles are mainly and generally pass through the recycling process in Ontario.

This routine is followed in every single year.

The Polaris Institute is a nonprofit organization. They have challenged this estimation and overall prediction.

Most certainly, they believe that just 14% of the plastic water bottles manage to have their way to recycling facilities.

Thus, the rest of the plastic water bottles ends up making their way in parks and forests. And also in rivers and lakes.


6- The Bottled Water Production Process is 2,000 Times More Energy Intensive As Compared To The Fact of Producing Tap Water

Water Production

Besides, there is another important which is embedded in these plastic water bottles category. It is that bottled water production process is 2000 times more and extreme energy intensive.

This comparison of bottled water is made with tap water.

Furthermore, a large number of sources and studies have proved this fact.

It is far true that producing bottled water requires and needs 5.6 and 10.2 million joules of energy on a per liter basis.

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Beyond, this energy requirement is also dependent on the transportation factors. Most certainly, we can say that this bottled water production process is 2000 times more energy consuming and energy intensive.

On the other hand, producing tap water requires a minimum amount of energy.

Moreover, there is a research paper study.

It has claimed that 50 million barrels of oil are generally dumped for the sake of the creation of plastic water bottles.


5- Plastic Bottles Decomposition Process Takes About 450 years or more


In addition, we have another surprising fact for you associated with these plastic water bottles. It is that plastic bottles decomposition process takes years and years. It is estimated that the span of this decomposition process is 450 years or more. It is true!

Most probably, a few of the plastic bottles take about 1000 years to decompose themselves.

As an example, and to tell you the average span.

The decomposition process time ranges in between 500 years to 1000 years. All in all, this a long and extensive decomposition process.

Most importantly, during this process, chemicals are leached completely into the ground.

And then micro plastic bottles are wholly released right into the water. Hence, during this process, animals too choke on and eat these plastic bottles. They mistakenly do so thinking as if they are food.


4- The Bottled Water Contains Some Sort of Microplastic, Polypropylene and Polystyrene in it

Bottled Water

While reading out this fact, you may no longer remain interested in using plastic water bottles.

However, it is tested that bottled water contains 93 percent of microplastic in it. It does contain some of the traces of polypropylene, polystyrene in it.

Besides, it is tested that these bottles are accompanied by the traces of nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in them.

Most probably, you may have also noticed the presence of microscopic pieces in your plastic bottles.

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These pieces generally swirl around in your bottles. Moreover, it is seen that in a per liter bottle, an average number of 10.4 particles of plastic 100 microns are there.

The amount and average range of these particles, they vary extensively from bottle to bottle.

Even more, these tests were conducted just to check and verify the presence of micro-plastics in these water bottles.


3- Plastic Water Bottles Are Extremely Expensive


No doubt the cost and overall average price range of plastic water bottles, they are high.

Note that one gallon of bottled water price is far higher as compared to the price of one gallon of water. Furthermore, the difference is 2000 times more.

Besides, the price of bottled water ranges in between 8cents/500ml to $2.50/500ml. Its price also depends on other factors. Like whether you are buying it in bulk form or from the long chain.

Other whether you are purchasing it from some high-end branded store or from a vending machine.

Consequently, the cost of tap water is far less and cheaper. Talking about the Canadian market. We have observed that the price of tap water is approximately just tenths of a cent per liter.


2- The Global Plastic Bottled Water Market is All Set To Reach 3000 billion Dollars worth by 2024

Plastic Bottled Water

Moving on to another important fact regarding these plastic water bottles.

However, you will not actually believe that the global market of plastic bottled water is set to make more billion dollars worth. Its current market rate at the global level is 200 billion dollars.

Beyond, it is all and completely set to make 300 billion dollars worth by the time of 2024.

Furthermore, this estimation is given by expert market researchers.

They have predicted that sooner the highest demand for plastic water bottles will come.

It is too estimated that this demand will cross the numbers of 409 billion liters of bottled water.

We have these bottled water giants.

This mainly includes Nestle. People have this issue that they pay so much little while extracting groundwater. And then they sell that water back at so many inflated prices.


1- One Million Plastic Bottles are Purchased Around The World in Every Single Minute

Plastic Bottles

Lastly, we have one crucial fact for you.

You will not believe that one million plastic bottles are bought and purchased around the world in every single minute. This is quite an alarming stat and fact for those who have heard about it for the first time.

Moreover, the consumption of plastic water bottles is quite the highest in the USA. As the people of the USA use plastic straws on a heavy note.

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Same way, their plastic water bottle consumption is immensely high

In addition, USA residents plastic straws consumption is 2.5 times more as compared to the rest of the countries. And their plastic water bottles usage is five times more.

Hence, these are quite alarming visuals.

We still do not how much this consumption will reach and go in the next ten years.

Other Facts on Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic Water Bottles

PET plastic is mainly and primarily used in lots of water bottles. Most importantly, this material is now considered and marked safe for your health.

It is proved and test by EPA that it is no longer hazardous.

Furthermore, there are millions and billions of tons of plastic present in the environment. And this we also include the plastic of water bottles.

If we will not reduce their use, then ultimately they will wind up and end up in places like in rivers, lakes. And also in oceans.

Most noteworthy, birds, mammals as well as sea turtles.

They ingest these bottle caps sometimes. And eventually, get injured or die.

During the production process of plastic water bottles, bunch amount of carbon dioxide is produced. Thus, this situation contributes heavily and negatively to climate change.


Other Surprising Facts on Plastic Water Bottles

Below we have further collected more of the interesting facts on this category.

So check out them. And become more informed about every single aspect of plastic water bottles.


Surprising Facts Details

In addition to, there are a few of the primary companies which supply materials in making these bottles.

They are British Petroleum and also Exxon Mobil. It is noticed that a large number of bottled water is mainly transported with the help of ship and rail.

Thus, it means fossil fuels are heavily used during their transportation process.

Furthermore, if you are not going to use the water present in your bottle for about ten weeks.

Then that plastic bottle will release a chemical. Basically, this chemical is highly risky for your health. Moreover, it can also disrupt the presence of hormones in your body.

Besides, considering the equivalent of 50 million barrels of oil. This much amount of oil is used for the jobs of processing, transporting bottled water. And also for the purpose and sake of refrigeration of bottled water on a per year basis.


What Other Facts Do You need to Know?

However, it is true that polyethylene terephthalate bottles, they are safe only if you will use them for a single time.

If you are going to make use of additional use of them. Them they will start to leach chemicals into the water. Moreover. these chemicals are extremely harmful to your health.

There is a chemical present in these bottles. It is DEHA. It can cause cancer. And then there is benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP). It can disrupt hormones in your body, Hence, whenever you will buy such PET, PETE bottles, then do use them for single time only.

Every year, 100 billion dollars is spent just on the bottled water

100 billion dollars is spent just on the bottled water in every single year. This time, we are talking about the global scale.

Most noteworthy, this money gets wasted on a high note. It is due to the reason that bottled water is not necessary and important in most of the cases.

As tap water comes in plenty amount. And it is also free. For the reason that you can prefer it!

Many contaminants are found in bottled water

Furthermore, lots of contaminants are found in bottled water.

This generally includes the presence of benzene, mold as well as kerosene, tetrahydrofuran. Then fecal coliform and other bacteria are too found in these plastic water bottles. Besides, the presence of sanitizer, elevated choline is evident in these bottles. It is found out that these bottles have styrene, algae in them. Even more, they may also contain glass particles in them.

But the manufacturing companies have disregarded and rejected these claims. Thus, they have claimed that their manufactured and filtered water is all natural, pure and clean.



To summarize, these are all of the important facts which are hidden in these plastic water bottles. Some of them are good facts. And some of them are bad and negative facts.

Then there are a few of the interesting facts linked to them.

Normally and commonly it is seen that if you are rich then such people carry a bottled with them. And the middle-class person prefers to use tap water.

Which category you count yourself in!

Moreover, you can let us know which water type you use and prefer! Are you a fan of plastic bottled water?

Or you are the regular use of tap water?

Share your experiences with us. And share with us too how much you daily spend while buying plastic water bottles! Thus, stay tuned with us.

We will share more of the interesting and fascinating facts about other categories and products.


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