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Plastic Bottles vs Glass Bottles - Which is Best?

by Patricia Franklin on May 14, 2019


Plastic Bottles vs Glass Bottles

If you are still deciding on whether you should use plastic bottles or glass bottles, then we can help you.

To begin with, we will explain to you the justified points that which bottle type is suitable for you.

For all people, this is always a tricky decision which they have to make.

Furthermore, some of the people are hesitant in using glass bottles.

On the other hand, a few of the individuals are reluctant to using plastic bottles.

Moreover, glass bottles carry their own plus points. And plastic bottles encompass their own bonus points.

If plastic bottles are lightweight.

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Then glass bottles carry shockproof designs in them. And they are also packed by silicone sleeves for the sake of additional protection.

Hence, let us have a look at these primary reasons which will state you clearly as which bottle type you should purchase and use:


Which One Retains The Taste of Beverage for a Long Time?

Glass Bottles Win This Time!


Most importantly, if you are confused as which bottle type works great in retaining the beverage taste.

Then we can explain to you! Most certainly, it is these glass bottles which manage to store and retain the drink taste for hours and hours.

For the reason that lots of drinks are generally and mainly stored in glass containers and glass bottles.

Moreover, plastic bottles impart and shift various flavors into liquids. This aspect changes the real taste of that beverage.

Hence, if your concern is just the purity of taste. Then always get glass bottles for yourself.

Besides, these glass containers will make sure the taste of milk or any drink does not get negatively affected.

Such bottles are immensely used by mothers for storing infant milk for their babies.


Which One is BPA-free?

Glass Bottles Win!


Furthermore, you should keep in mind the BPA-free factor as well.

This will simplify your job in deciding as to whether glass bottle will work great for you or a plastic bottle.

Most noteworthy, this happens in the previous years that US FDA banned the utilization of bisphenol-A which was used while manufacturing plastic bottles.

Besides, people had this concern that this particular chemical present in polycarbonate plastic may give birth to cancer.

It may damage your reproductive system or your brain functioning.

However, all of the plastic bottles which are sold in the USA, they have become BPA-free.

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Still, this biggest concern is still present in the minds of people.

For the reason that people have started using glass bottles. Moreover, a recent study has displayed these results that more than 90 percent number of plastic bottles leach BPA.

Thus, one can use glass bottles as they are wholly BPA-free.


Which of The Option Is More Durable?

Plastic Bottles Win!

Talking about the durability aspect. Let us see which bottle type stands out! Most certainly, people fear of using glass bottles as they tend to break.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks encompassed by the glass bottles.

That is why and most probably, plastic bottles shows a great amount of durability aspect in them. Glass bottles are also heavy.

They are not lightweight. They fall off and break quickly. It is tough to take care of such bottles.

Moreover, these glass bottles chipped over time. And thus, you keep on replacing them with new glass bottles.

Hence, in terms of durability, plastic bottles are recommended. At the same time, there are a few of the high-priced glass bottle versions.

Such bottles are accompanied by shock resistant composition aspect. And manages to give the glass bottle much-needed durability.


Which Bottle Type Is A Healthy Option For You?

Glass Bottles are Better!

Glass Bottles

Besides, glass is completely free from the presence of BPA. For the reason that it is always safe to use.

By using glass bottles, you do not worry about this aspect. Furthermore, such bottles come with a healthy aspect side too.

They are easy to sterilize and purify. Their decontamination and cleaning process are not tougher.

Even more, glass bottles are nontoxic.

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However, plastic bottles are not attached and fused with the healthy aspects. As these bottles are made with the help of polycarbonate plastic.

And such plastic can easily and quickly leach endocrine-disrupting chemical.

Hence, it is because of this controversy that people prefer using glass bottles because according to them health comes first.


Which of The Bottle Type Is More Environment-Friendly?

Glass Bottles!
Glass Bottles

In addition, now we will check which of the bottle type is more environment-friendly.

It is seen that glass bottles are easily and quickly recycled. Most importantly, their manufacturing process is far more energy efficient.

Talking about the eco benefits, it is also observed that glass bottles are recycled endlessly into other versions and types of glass bottles.

This recycling process is done without opting any of the chemical processing.

Most noteworthy, for every single six tons of recycled glass, you are going to see the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

At the same time, glass bottles have become 40 percent lighter today.

Lastly, they require less fuel. And also manage to produce fewer and fewer emissions.



To summarize, you can see that glass bottles are comparatively far better when compare with plastic bottles.

Moreover, they are great and a better option with respect to hygienic value.

Even more, they are a great bottle type if you want to heat them up. These glass bottle versions are easy to sterilize.

Hence, if we talk about our verdict, then we are going to give our thumbs up to glass bottles.

You can share with us which bottle type you normally use on a daily basis.

And what plus points and negative experience you face while using such bottles. Besides, we will give you more details and comparison information regarding other bottle types and versions.

So, keep tuned with us. Lastly, we welcome your opinions and feedback as well with respect to the fact which one is if your favorite! Glass bottles or plastic bottles!


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