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The Environmental Impact of Plastic Water Bottles!

by Patricia Franklin on June 20, 2019

No doubt when it comes to bottled water, we always come across a large number and varying range of opinions. However, here we are going to discuss the details regarding the environmental impact of plastic water bottles.

It is since the past few decades that the use and consumption of bottled water have managed to get increased on a tremendous note. Besides,

Most of the individuals have this common perception regarding bottled water that it is healthier and more convenient as well as tastier as compared to the tap water. But this same water bottle type poses serious threats to your environment as well.

plastic water bottles

This water bottle industry has managed to become that kind of industry which completely survive on consumerism. It has also managed to exceed the scale and the boundaries with respect to luxury.

In addition to, this bottled water has become an essential and important part in almost every single average person's life.

With regard to water bottle waste statistics, almost 1500 plastic water bottles consumed and used after every second so far in the United States.

Furthermore, the United States has become and turned out to be the biggest bottled water market globally. You might be wondering as what type of cost that is unluckily and unfortunately paid and faced by the environment, below are the details for you:


How Plastic Water Bottles are Impacting Our Environment?

plastic water bottles

Most importantly, mankind has managed to avail and utilize plastic in terms of making and manufacturing durable bottles and packaging. Furthermore, plastics are used and availed for preserving food and too liquid substances.

Moreover, plastics are water resistant, oil as well as chemical resistant. They are also sunlight resistant. Though they are an ideal and one of the economical substances to be used in the areas of packaging.

However, the number of plastic water bottles which are piling up in rivers, waterways, oceans and landscapes, it is just alarming. Even more, this piling has made the situation a cause of serious and the biggest concern for our environment.


The Production Phase of Plastic Bottles Contributes to Air Pollution

plastic water bottles

Most noteworthy, the overall Process for Producing Plastic Water Bottles is eventually and gradually contributing to a high percentage and content of air pollution.

Besides, it is stated by lots of researchers that the environmental effects and hazards of empty plastic water bottles are initiated do not just because of the failed disposal systems.

Beyond, it is the manufacturing and making process of these plastic bottles and containers which gives rise to lots of chemical pollutants as well as fossil fuels. Thus, this manufacturing process automatically contributes and become the cause of air pollution.

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So, what's the bottom line? During the making of these plastic bottles, hazardous gases are specifically released which negatively damage the quality of air.


Plastic Bottles Retain their Original & Actual Form for Years & Years

plastic water bottles

Most probably, this is another common cause that how plastic bottles are posing a serious damaging to our environment. It is pointed and hinted out by lots of researchers that plastics are an extremely durable material.

As they are durable, for the reason that this trait makes them a proffered substance. Most certainly, it is their durability which counts and marks them as extremely and immensely hazardous to the environment.

The kicking part is that plastics are neither biodegradable nor they are degradable.

They retain their actual and original form for years and decades. They fail to decompose and eventually breaks down into minute and smaller pieces. Moreover, animals and human beings easily ingest these small broken pieces. And in return, they face lots of various health complications.


Plastic Water Bottles Consumption Have Become a Major Cause of Cancer & Birth defects

plastic water bottles

Also, it is asserted by lots of professionals and experts that the creation and making of plastic water bottles comprise hazardous and toxic substances. As an example, this mainly includes benzene and vinyl chloride.

In addition to, these risky substances are documented and marked as major causes of cancer. These hazardous substances have become the biggest cause with respect to giving birth to different human diseases, animal ailments as well as birth defects.


Burning Up Plastic Water Bottles Produces Toxic Fumes & Acid Rains

plastic water bottles

Upon burning plastic water bottles, they are prone and tend to produce risky and toxic fumes out in the environment.

Furthermore, this practice leads and give rise to air pollution. Moreover, when these toxic fumes are going to enter in a highly concentrated form, then they eventually and specifically cause acid rains.

You might be wondering as what harm does acid rain pose? Thus, it intensely negatively affect and harm both of the plant and animal lives. Even more, it is these acid rains which degrade and reduce the overall quality of the soil.

Also, it reduces the levels of oxygen residing in the water bodies. Thus, this is how the list of negative effects of bottled water on the environment goes on and on.


Chemical Substances Generating from Plastic Water Bottles Bring Serious Damages to Human Life

plastic water bottles

Most probably, the chemical substances generating from the plastic water bottles manage to bring detrimental damage to human life as well.

These substances damage or deteriorate the human immune system and the nervous system.

These bottles bring and contribute lasting negative effects on kidneys. Hence, what's the bottom line?

It is time to set aside this unsubstantiated claim that plastic water bottles recycling process is completely eco-friendly.

This is not true and this claim needs to be ruled out. This recycling process does not at all solve and address pollution. And it only delays and lingers on the inevitable truth.


Plastic Water Bottles Bring Serious Damage to the Marine Environment

plastic water bottles

In addition to, it is stated that plastic water bottles and the rest of the plastic brings a serious and intense number of problems to marine life. This mainly includes fish and marine mammals.

As an example, marine mammals mistakenly ingest and eat these small bottles thinking as if they are prey! And this ingestion ultimately and usually leads to digestion problems among marine mammals.

As soon as marine life ingest this plastic debris, then this action blocks their digestive tract. Thus, marine life fails to feed themselves efficiently.

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Moreover, it is studied and researched that most of the turtles were found out to be dead completely because of the ingestion and consumption of plastics debris and plastic water bottles.

This ingestion automatically and instantly leads marine life to malnutrition, starvation and then finally to the death mode.


Plastic Water Bottles Thrown into the Sewerage System Cause Blockages In the Drainage Pipes

plastic water bottles

Besides, it has become a common habit of most of the individuals that they tend to throw plastic water bottles in the storm water drains. Or they prefer to dispose of or discard these water bottles in the sewerage system.

However, such action causes and brings serious kind of blockages completely and wholly within these drainage pipes. You might be wondering where this situation leads to?

This action stagnates the water and it starts to smell out extremely bad. Such water type brings a great and ideal environment for algal growth and bacteria blooms.

Consequently, the negative effects posed by the plastic water bottles on our environment are quite and intensely serious. If no serious and sturdy intervention is going to be taken, then we are afraid we all may bring ourselves in a danger zone.


Solutions to Combat & Control the Environmental Impact of Plastic Water Bottles

plastic water bottles

To summarize, plastic water bottles are among the worst pollutants so far residing and existing in our environment.

This is a scary and alarming fact that it is a non-biodegradable substance. No doubt that this has become a great polluter of our planet earth, water as well as air. Hence, the utilization of this substance should be reduced up to a bare minimum ratio.

It is the time to appropriately and suitably undertake the recycling measures. If the recycling process is going to be appropriately undertaken, then we can easily save 1/3 content of energy during the production and making phase of plastic water bottles.

As you have understood this fact that why are plastic water bottles bad, then it is also your duty to limit the use of these bottles. It is recommended to use your own durable personal water bottle. Moreover, we need to limit the use of plastics.

Thus, by reducing and limiting your bottled water usage, you can eventually bring a positive impact to your environment.



Coming on the concluding note and telling you about the bottom line regarding the effects of plastic water bottles on health! It is high time that each one of us should stand up and do something constructive in order to save our environment, marine environment as well as human lives.

Besides, one needs to take on a few of the active steps to save his environment. Moreover, you are free to speak up and spread the positive word as to how these plastic water bottles are detrimental and cancerous for your environment.

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