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How to Recycle Plastic Bottles?

by Patricia Franklin on May 14, 2019

There are almost 50 million plastic bottles which are thrown away every single day so far in the United States.

It is true! To begin with, here we will tell you as to how to recycle plastic bottles. It is quite easy to reuse and recycle them in less time.

Plastic Bottles

Furthermore, it is extremely essential for the sake of earth planet health to recycle these plastic bottles.

Check out these crafty DIY projects. All of them will show you great ways to reuse these plastic bottles.

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Moreover, these are also the best ways in order to minimize and reduce the environmental negative impact.

So, let us all get to work. Try out any one of these recycling methods. Even more, share your feedback with us.


Making and Creating a DIY Plastic Bottle Planter

Plastic Bottles

Firstly, we have one great suggestion for you. You can make a plastic bottler planter by utilizing and recycling your plastic bottles.

Most importantly, this is a simple and easy to do the project.

It will take less time of yours. It is in a few of the steps that you can make a useful as well as appealing looking indoor planter. Besides, you can paint the plastic bottle with any color.

You can draw any shape on it. And then you can fill it up with seeds and soil.


Recycling Your Plastic Bottles As Office Supplies Cup Holder

cup holder

Most importantly, you can recycle these plastic bottles as in the form of office supplies cup holder.

Besides, you can use these plastic bottles to keep and hold your house pens and office stationery supplies.

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You can seamlessly keep your pens, highlighters, and pencils in it.

Most certainly, your coworkers will get impressed if you will manage to make such plastic bottle supply cups.


Reusing Your Plastic Bottles as Coffee Creamer Containers

Coffee Creamer Containers

In addition to, if you are looking for one of the sustainable ways to recycle your plastic bottles.

Then here we have one effective way for you. You can reuse your bottles as in the form of coffee creamer containers. Or utilize them snack storage containers. Furthermore, this is the best way to use your old bottles.

These bottles will make your pouring job much and incredibly.

Lastly, you can keep salt, sugar and the rest of the similar products in these recycled coffee creamers as well.


Make a Herb Garden With Empty Plastic Bottles

Herb Garden

If you do have a 2-liter range of plastic water bottles, then you can quickly make a herb garden of them.

Most importantly, this DIY project will give you an extra bonus and green points as well.

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This is the best to feed your eco-soul at the same time. Furthermore, just get 2-liter bottles and then you can transform them as sub-irrigated planters.

Thus, this is a creative plastic bottle project which anyone of you can follow.


Building an Outdoor Broom


Moreover, it is from your plastic water bottles that you can quickly make an outdoor broom for yourself.

One should note that it is into a large number of amazing things that you can reuse plastic bottles.

The method to recycle a 2-liter bottle completely into an outdoor broom. You have to follow a few of the steps only.

Hence, b attaching the sturdy bristles, it will become easy for you to sweep up the dirt. And also to clean all sorts of common outdoor items.


Crafting a Lamp From The Plastic Bottle Caps

Lamp From The Plastic Bottle Caps

Furthermore, you can make a lamp by using your plastic bottle caps. Most certainly, you will love to give your attention to plastic water bottle caps as well.

Check out any of the videos which explain this DIY project proceeding.

And simply make a lamp by reusing your plastic bottle caps.


Making a Jet Pack With The Help of a Recycled Plastic Bottle

jetpack with plastic bottles

What about your kids?

Have you thought of any idea of making and crafting interesting products by reusing the plastic water bottles?

We will tell you! Most importantly, you can make a jet pack by recycling and reusing a water bottle.

This is a perfect idea to make your kid all excited and happy enough. Moreover, you can decorate this jet pack with hundreds of mini-sized sort of candy bars.

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Lastly, this is the best Halloween costume which you can craft and make for your kid. Just try it for a single time.

Your kid will infinite love this jet pack costume.

No need to buy expensive and high priced Halloween costumes. And give a single try while making this jet pack with the help of a plastic bottle.


Reusing Plastic Bottles to Create and Make a DIY Sprinkler


Besides, you can try easily with respect to the process of making DIY sprinkler.

Most probably, this is one of the popular ways of recycling plastic bottles. Just make this DIY sprinkler with the help of your reused plastic bottles.

In this way, you will love to recreate your childhood memories as well. Most noteworthy, you only have to poke and make holes by grabbing a 2-liter bottle.

This is it! Your DIY sprinkler is ready to give you the ultimate fun. Kids love such products. Moreover, whenever your kid wants to have water fight time with his friends.

Then you can make this DIY sprinkler for him. Instead of buying expensive water sprinklers from the market. Try out this method!



Now you know how to make the best use of these plastic bottles!

To summarize, we have mentioned you the easy to follow and quick to follow ways while using plastic bottles.

Opt anyone of the methods. And make the best utilization of these bottles.

Even more, you can share with us how you use your old plastic bottles. If they are lying there in your storage container closet sections, then make sure to reuse them.

In addition, we will further tell you about other DIY products which you can pursue easily. And these upcoming DIY project details are completely in relation to the recycling and reusing aspect of plastic bottles.


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