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13 Innovative Ways to Reuse Old Plastic Bottles

by Patricia Franklin on May 18, 2019

Plastic was derived from coal and petroleum. It is the most useable material because it is lightweight, flexible and most affordable.

It is used for covering food items, dishes, furniture, computers, phones, toys and many more.

The plastic bottle makes life easier because they are lightweight and easy to hold and is not easy to break.

A plastic bottle is the best thing that can contain any liquid and it makes very easy to carry anywhere we want.

Plastic bottles are very useful in our daily life. Plastic bottles can be used for DIY idea e.g. making garden decoration pieces.

These bottles are sometimes not good because flood etc. are the reason for these people throw plastic waste even it enters into our food chain e.g. we eat fish which have microplastics in their organisms.

So that is why we should not waste or throw our plastic or plastic bottles out because it can save our food chain and it can help so many other people for different decoration pieces as well.

The size ranges from very small to large bottles.



There are many advantages to plastic bottles because there is a lot of need for plastic bottles in our daily life.

Some of them are given below:


1- Storage of Liquids

Plastic bottles are mostly used to store liquids such as water, soft drinks, cooking oil, medicines, shampoo, milk, and ink.

They can be easily used when we store it in such strong bottles.

There will be no stress of breakage of such bottle contain these liquids because they are made up of good plastic.


2- Carrying Plastic Bottles

By using plastic bottles we can carry them anywhere we want.

These bottles are very friendly usable because they are available in any size or shape we want.

People are very happy to use such plastic bottles in which they feel they can carry it easily in their hands.


3- Reuse

Plastic bottles are once used we can reuse it again and again.

They are not breakable that if it's thrown on the floor it won't be breakable because they are made of plastic and it is one of the best things amongst them.


4- Strong And Safe

Plastic bottles are safe, strong and money saving.

We can easily take it with ourselves to the gym, morning walk because it is strong enough and very safe to use.


5- Recycled

It can be easily recycled and used many times.

If we want we can use plastic bottles as many time as we want because they are strong and they recycled a lot.


6- Shipping Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are light in weight so they can be easily shipped from one place to another or one country to another country.

In many countries softs, drinks or mineral water in these plastic bottles are being shipped from one country to another easily because they do not have such weight as glass bottles have and they are very easy to ship it from one place to another.


7- Flexible

Plastic bottles are not very easily broken because it is flexible and very strong.

They can have any shape and they do not get destroyed so easily because they are very flexible and contains any shape we give then it can be used again.

That is why many people prefer to buy plastic bottles.


8- Cheaper

Plastic bottles are cheaper than common glass bottles.

They are cheaper because they are light in weight and they are not heavy and their material is a bit cheaper than the other glass bottles so middle-class people or poor people have a great number of users of these plastic bottles.

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There are many disadvantages to plastic bottles because it is not good for our health.

Some of them are given below:


1- Hole in Plastic Bottles

If once there is a hole in a plastic bottle it cannot be reused again because it is not useable.

There is a big hole in a plastic bottle and if we try to seal it with any type of glue or tape it would be good enough to hold that hole because it is just a low-quality plastic and it is not very easy to reuse it while it is having a hole in it.


2- Destroyed It Shape

When a plastic bottle is destroyed it cannot be reused because its shape and everything is not in use.

If a plastic bottle is not in good shape no one wants to use it again because it does not look good enough or people just don't want to use them.

It must be important that it is having a good shape and size so that people can easily reuse it again and again how many times they want.


3- Absorbs Smell

Plastic bottles when used for liquid storage such as any type of sauce etc., absorb the smell and taste of that item stored in a plastic bottle.

Any type of liquids in those bottles after a few days or months that bottles are going to smell so bad and will have the same smell as that of the liquid contained in that bottle.


4- Health Problems

Plastic bottles are also harmful to our health because reusable of water bottles contain harmful chemical previously in the plastic bottle.

If we use the used bottles even if we drank water containing in those bottles it is very harmful to our health and we can get ill very seriously and no one wants that to happen.


5- Hold Smells

Plastic bottles are durable but they also hold smells.

Plastic bottles can be used so many times but if we use it for a long time it may contain a smell of that liquid containing in that bottle which is not good because we cannot use it again with that smell.

If we wash it still that smells stays in the bottle and do not go at all.

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6- Reproductive System

Reuse of plastic bottles can cause health problems such as asthma, high blood pressure, and cancer amongst many people.

If once we get ill than it is very difficult to come across the illness we are suffering from and especially illness that these plastic bottles produce is very harmful and impossible to recover from it.


7- Environment Issue

Throwing of plastic bottles anywhere can easily damage our environment.

If our air pollution is not good enough and is not clean than people living there will also be not able to have good health because our environment is very important in our lives and we cannot take it for granted.


8- Not Useable For Hot Liquid

Some plastic bottles are not useable for the hot liquid to store because it contains many chemicals that can harm a human being.

If we put that hot liquid in the plastic bottle it is very dangerous and harmful for our health because plastic contains so many harmful chemicals that can harm us and people even have no idea how harmful it is.


How to Recycle


There are so many ways to recycle plastic bottles because these bottles can be used for so many other objects, decoration pieces, and garden decorating.

If we recycle the plastic bottles so there would be no damage to our environment and oceans etc.

People would be very happy and will keep their child's happy because of the different activities and beautiful decoration pieces.

It would be very useful for us to use plastic bottles because we can easily recycle it.

We can take many advantages from it and it would not be harmful anymore. People will use more and more plastic bottles when they know about the recycling of plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are so cheap that if we recycle it people would be very happy to see those bottles getting recycled very easily.

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Different Ways of Recycling


There are 13 innovative ways to reuse old plastic bottles. Which of them are given below:


1- Kitchen Storage Containers

Old plastic bottles can be converted into the storage of pulses, rice, etc. They are very unique and do not take a lot of space.

It is very affordable and a very cool thing to do in your kitchen.

You can save your money instead of buying something expensive and it is fun doing a thing and people really enjoy while doing it.


2- Party Decor

We can make party decoration pieces from plastic bottles and we can paint it and decorate it whatever we want or for any occasion we want.

We can use it outdoor for the parties or on different occasions.

If will look so cools and no one will recognize that it is just a plastic bottle.


3- Plastic Bottle Flowers

Plastic bottle flowers are so easy and unique because no one can think about such flowers making from the plastic bottles.

We can keep it for decoration anywhere we want so that people can see it and it should look very cool. You can use any type of plastic bottle to make such flowers.


4- Plastic Bottle Pet Feeder

If you have a pet in your house so then this pet feeder from the plastic bottle if very useful for those people.

You won't waste your money on buying such types of feeder things for your pets when you can easily get it from the plastic bottles.

You must be using a thick and strong plastic bottle for it.


5- Mobile Charger Box

You can easily make a phone charging box or holder for yourself from these hard and good quality plastic bottles.

You don't need to waste your money for buying such an expensive mobile charger box or holder when you can easily make it yourself without any money.

It is a very useful thing for people whose phones are always on charging. You can decor it in your own way.


6- Snack Bowl

Plastic bottles can also be converted into a candy or snack bowl.

You should take a hard and strong plastic bottle for it so that it should not be breakable and can be used on a party whenever you want.

You can make it fancier by decorating it yourself in any way you want.

There will be no need of wasting money for such type of fancier snack bowl if you can get it in your home easily without spending any money.


7- Vertical Hanging Garden

The vertical hanging garden is a very easy and cheaper way to produce plants in your house without buying those expensive pots out there.

How many bottles you want can string together and hung on a wall and a railing to create a garden.

It must be thick plastic bottles e.g. soft drink bottles rather than the water bottles which are thin which can be easily torn apart when the soil is added in it.

It is a very unique thing to do in your garden.


8- Different Types of Books Rack

You can make so many small or big racks from plastic bottles.

The plastic bottles should be thick and strong so that it can handle this stress of books. It should not be breakable.

If we can do such type of recycling we can save our money.


9- Piggy Bank

By creating a piggy bank from a plastic bottle is one of the coolest things we can do so far.

Children will be very happy and will enjoy doing such things and they can decorate it in whatever way they want.

They can save their money and will have fun. By doing such activity we can encourage our kids to start saving and start doing such things from this age.

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10- Bird Feeders Bottle

If you live in an area where there are many birds than you will definitely need this bird feeder bottle made from a plastic bottle because it would be very helpful for those beautiful creatures.


11- Bottle Sprinkler

A plastic bottle can be converted into a bottle sprinkler very easily just by making some holes in the bottles.

If you want to keep your outdoor plants happy you are just going to need this bottle sprinkler.

All you have to do is just make some holes in the bottle and fill it with water. There will be no need of wasting money for a different type of sprinklers.


12- Color Pencils Organizer

You can easily make color pencils organizer from a plastic bottle.

You just need a good material of plastic bottle which should be soft and can be easily cut and zipped. You won't have to waste your money on buying a color pencil organizer.

You can decor it however you want and make it beautiful and elegant.

13- Boat

So many plastic bottles thick and strong plastic bottles e.g soft drinks from these bottles we can a boat.

People who can make money through this they can make a boat from plastic bottles.


Advantages of Recycling


Following are the advantages of recycling of plastic bottles, which of them are given below:


1- Coffee Container or Snack Storage

Plastic bottles can also be reused as a coffee container or snacks storage because it saves the space of snack storage.

These bottles can also store salt, spices, etc.

If we think that these plastic bottles are not in use for water or liquid etc. we can recycle it for many other things such as coffee or tea etc. and we can store space through these plastic bottles.


2- Plastic Bottle Planter

We can reuse these bottles as a plastic bottle planter in many beautiful ways and decorate them very beautifully.

If we want we can have so many other decoration pieces and we can paint it in any color we want it is one of the best recycling of plastic bottles.


3- Plastic Watering Can

You can make a plastic watering can from these bottles, you can easily use them and you even don't need to waste any money on plastic watering cans.

We can make so many holes in the plastic bottles cape and fill it with water and can water the plants as a watering can or bucket it can save our money and we can recycle it very easily.


4- Plastic Scoop

You can make any type of plastic scoop from these plastic bottles for ice cream or for gardening.

We can make so many other plastic spoons from these plastic bottles as well and we can use it in our daily life.


5- Plantation

We can easily plant in these plastic bottles and put it in our gardens or in our balcony.

If we want we can make a good pot from it and color it with any paint or spray we want so that it should look very unique and should be very useful.


6- Piggy Bank

Piggy bank can be made from these plastic bottles because plastic bottles are very good material for them. And they can easily be shaped in any type of shape we want.

Than this piggy bank will be very useful for us so that we can save our money in it.


7- Lotion Bottle Or Charging Box

A lotion bottle or a charging box can also be made from these plastic bottles they can be recycled very easily and beautifully.

We can make lotion bottles from plastic bottles by converting them with nice papers and paints.

Charging box is also very useful for our daily life.


8- Toys

Any type of plastic bottle of any size can be recycled as a toy for children.

There are so many toys which can be made from these plastic bottles such as rockets, cars, etc.

Children get more active through these types of toys so it is very important to recycle plastic bottles into toys.

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Disadvantages of Recycling


There are so many disadvantages of recycling. Some of them are given below:


1- Melting Down

If we recycle the plastic bottles they will melt down and recycling produces those harmful chemicals which can harm plant and animal life.

That is why it is not good to recycle plastic goods.


2- Environment

The biggest disadvantage of recycling is that if we recycle the plastic bottles our environment will get damaged.

The air pollution will be destroyed and if our pollution is not good enough everyone gets so disturbed and get ill through dirty environment.


3- Holding Smell

If we recycle our plastic bottles for many times the liquid it contains or holds the smell and that smell than enters into other liquid stuff which sometimes it's not good for our health and we can get ill because of it so we have to ignore such type of recycling.

It is very dangerous for our health so this recycling is not good at all.


4- Reproductive System

These plastic bottles can be harmful to our reproductive system it can cause many problems such as asthma, cancer, high blood pressure.

If a person suffering from such disease it is impossible to recover because it is so harmful to our health.


5- Changing Of Material

Recycling may change the material of the actual plastic bottle and hence then they are not good for our health and once if the material is change than it is difficult to carry some other liquid or some other snacks in it.


6- Unhygienic

If we recycle the plastic bottles they are unhygienic and unsafe because it contains so many chemicals and it holds smells of previous liquid items.

Something that is unhygienic people would never use such a thing in their lives because they do not want to get ill or play with their lives.


7- Amount of Time

The main disadvantage of recycling plastic bottles is the sheer amount of time they take to decompose because average bottles take 500 years.

So it is very difficult to recycle plastic bottles because it takes a lot of time.


8- Colored

The plastic bottles are usually colored and therefore they can only be used to make similar color products.

If we want we can color that plastic bottle with adding a black color no other color can be used because it is already colored with different colors.



Conclusion of this topic is that there are many reuses of the old plastic bottles.

We can get a lot of benefit from the reuse or recycling of plastic bottles because people would be able to save their money and they can make things from the plastic bottles on their own.

They can use such things from recycling plastic bottles in many ways. It is a good economic development for the people.

We should increase the production of plastic bottles because it is very useful for people because they can make so many objects for family and they will not spend their money on these things which can be made from the old plastic bottles.


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