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6 Ways to Sterilize Bottles - iBottleUp

by Patricia Franklin on May 13, 2019

To begin with, let us have a look at the top 6 ways to sterilize bottles. Most importantly, if you are sterilizing bottles for the sake of feeding your baby.

Or you want to carry out this sterilization process for the rest of the drinking purposes.

Then we are sure that our below-mentioned cleaning ways will help you out.

Thus, there are multiple numbers of sterilization methods for cleaning bottles. And here we have mentioned and collected the top six for you.

Sterilize Bottles

Furthermore, by carrying out any one of these methods, your bottles will become germ-free. Moreover, one of the popular techniques which are used in this sterilization method.

It is done with the help of boiling water.

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Also, you can use a sanitize-certified dishwasher.

Besides, you can use the microwave option to complete this sterilization process.


Top 6 Ways to Sterilize Bottles

Sterilize Bottles

In addition, our recommended methods are fully and completely applicable to the plastic bottles.

You can even use and carry out these methods on glass bottles sanitizing process.

Beyond, if there is any reusable bottle at your home. And you want to disinfect and make it germ-free.

Then try our recommended sterilization methods. Most noteworthy, before you let your bottle to enter into purification and decontamination process which requires heat option. Make sure that it is BPA-free.

However, it is recommended to fumigate and sterilize your bottles as soon as you borrow them.

Thus, have a look at these easy to follow sterilization ways. Primarily these include using boiling water. Or using a dishwasher safe. Or utilizing a microwave oven.


1- Sterilize Bottles by Using Boiling Water

Sterilize Bottles

Disassemble every single piece of the bottle

To begin with, the first step is to start to separate and disassemble all of the bottle pieces.

In this way, you can easily decontaminate and disinfect your bottle.


Boil Water in A Pot

Furthermore, take a pot. Start to boil water in it. It is on the stove that you can perform this boiling water job. Make sure to get the pot which is encompassed by an appropriate size.

In this way, you can easily place all your bottle pieces in it. Moreover, once the water is boiled up.

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You can place your bottle pieces in it. Most importantly, if you want the water to boil up quickly and fast.

Then you can cover the pot with a lid. Avoid putting any salt in the water.


Place All of The Bottle Pieces in The Boiling Water

Thus, it is for five minutes duration that you have to keep all bottle pieces inside the boiling water pot.

As soon as the water starts to boil. Place all the bottle pieces which you want to sterilize and disinfect.

Furthermore, in order to avoid getting hurt or splashed, you can drop the bottle pieces gently and slowly.

Most probably, it is exactly after five minutes that you have to turn off the stove.


Take Out The Bottle Pieces From The Pot

Now, you can take out all of the bottle pieces with the help of clean tongs. Moreover, let them air dry.

Most importantly, you should not remove or take out bottle items by using your fingers.

This way you may hurt yourself.

Besides, you should always make use of clean tongs. Or you can make use of another utensil for the sake of removing the bottle pieces from the water.


Air Dry The Bottle Pieces by Placing them on A Towel

Consequently, the last step is to completely dry your bottle pieces.

You can place them on a piece of towel. In addition to, avoid rubbing them. Furthermore, make sure to leave the bottle pieces for some time.

This is how you can simple sterilize any sort of bottle.


2- Disinfecting Bottles in the Dishwasher


Step 1: Disassemble Your Bottles

Firstly, you have to disassemble your bottles. Furthermore, place the bottles all in the top rack of your dishwasher.

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And then you can place and keep the smaller pieces entirely in a basket.

Moreover, you have to stand the bottles themselves in a top-side down position.


Step 2- Operate Your Dishwasher on the Sanitize Setting

After that, you have to run and operate your dishwasher. Most importantly, it is on the “sanitize” setting that you have to run it.

Besides, make sure to put the dishwasher detergent in a normal amount.


Step 3- Air Dry Your Sterilized Bottle Pieces

Finally, let your bottle pieces to get completely air-dry.

It is on a clean towel that you can place your sterilized bottle pieces.


3- Decontaminating Bottles Using the Microwave

 Sterilize Bottles

Step 1

Most certainly, it is important for you to make sure whether your plastic bottle is microwave-safe or not.

Furthermore. glass bottles are always microwave-safe. Take out all of your bottle pieces apart.

This is a simple step to completely sterilize and disinfect your bottles.


Step 2

Moreover, you have to fill up your bottles halfway with the help of cold water.

It is because of the cold water present in these bottles that steam will get created.

Even more, it is this steam which will fumigate and purify your bottles.


Step 3

In addition, you have to fill up the smaller pieces with water. And then place them in a microwave-safe bowl.

These smaller pieces mainly include caps or nipples.

Beyond, full up the with cold water. Most importantly, you can microwave all the bottle items on “high” for about one and a half minutes.


Step 4

Only press down the “high” button. Finally. you can set the microwave to get turned on for 1 minute and 30 seconds duration.

The last step is to thoroughly air-dry them.


4- Sterilizing and Disinfecting Your Bottles with Bleach


Step 1

Take a clean wash basin.

Furthermore, get a liquid measuring cup. In this way, you can measure the correct and exact amounts of bleach and water.

However, you will need one tsp of unscented bleach and 3.8 L of water. Disassemble your bottles now.


Step 2

Most noteworthy, you have to submerge all the bottle pieces completely under bleach water.

Keep in mind the exact duration which is two minutes.

Make sure no air bubbles come and appear.


Step 3

Finally, the last step is to remove the bottle items by using your clean hands. You can also take help from tongs.

Let them air-dry. Take a clean towel and place these decontaminated bottles pieces on it.


5- Disinfecting and Purifying Bottles by Using A Kettle

 Sterilize Bottles

Step 1

This is one of the modified versions which will make your job easy and quick while sterilizing bottles.

The first step to follow and complete this method is to boil water with the help of a kettle. Besides, pour water in the kettle.

Turn on the stove. When the water gets boiled, then turn off the kettle stove switch.


Step 2

In addition, you have to pour that hot kettle water on your contaminated and infected bottles. Take a big bowl.

Pour that hot water in it. And give a complete sterilization job to your bottles.

All your bottle pieces remain to soak in hot water for two to five minutes


Step 3

Finally, you can air dry your bottle pieces. And instantly get purified and decontaminated bottles.


6- Sterilizing Bottles with The Help of An Electric Steamer

 Electric Steamer

Step 1

Firstly, you have to fill up the steamer with cold water. Most importantly, talking about the general rule encompassed by electric steamers.

It is that they have the potential to hold six bottles.

Or you can say that the equivalent which need around 200ml.

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Besides, place the bottles which you need them to purify and sterilize. Place the bottles with their openings all facing the bottom.

In other words, you have to place the bottles in an upside down direction.


Step 2

Furthermore, turn on the steamer. Leave it for like this for about five to ten minutes.

In addition, you should not remove or take out the bottles immediately once the process is done.

You may burn your fingers by doing so.


Step 3

Lastly, take a cleaning.

And take out the bottles from the electric steamer. This is how the process of sterilizing bottles are done and processed.

Moreover, it is in only five to ten minutes duration that you can perfectly purify and fumigate your infected and contaminated bottles.



To summarize, above are the top six ways which will help you thoroughly in sterilizing and sanitizing all kinds of bottles.

Just keep in mind the important instructions and essential rules while passing your bottles through this sanitization and purification process.

Moreover, let us know how you sterilize and disinfect your plastic bottles, glass bottles or your baby bottles.

Share your own created cleaning and disinfecting processes with us.

However, we are confident that the above-written techniques will guide you in purifying your bottles in such less time.

If you try out our recommended sterilization methods. Then do share your feedback and opinion with us.


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