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10 Best Tupperware Water Bottles of 2019 [Reviewed]

by Patricia Franklin on June 17, 2019

Here we are going to talk about the best Tupperware water bottle reviews.

Here's the deal for you! If you like any one of these versions, then you need to give us your feedback and rating. Almost all of you may know that Tupperware is a renowned and one of the famous brands.

It is creating, producing and innovating storage products for 60 years time frame. To begin with, we have collected the best and top ten Tupperware water bottle versions for you.

All of them are made of 100 percent pure and premium food-grade plastic material. Furthermore, they are safe to use. And they offer a convenient and easy way to carry them anywhere.


Best Tupperware Water Bottles Reviewed

Best Tupperware Water Bottles

Moreover, these water bottles are durable and extremely stylish looking. This is crazy! Even more, these Tupperware bottles are featured and packed with an ergonomic design.

If you want to know the best part about these water bottles, then make sure that you do read this post in detail. All of these bottles are refrigerator-friendly.

Besides, they are not going to take much of your fridge or refrigerator space. And manages to get adjust in your fridge zones in a seamless way.

In addition to, they encompass unique design and genuinely easy-to-maintain as well. In other words, these bottles do not require much of the maintenance job.

Just wash them by hands or put them in the dishwasher. It is in a few of the second's frame duration that these Tupperware water bottles are going to be washed and cleaned by you.

Thus, try out our recommendations and let us know which of the Tupperware water bottle you are going to buy:


Benefits of Tupperware Water Bottle

You might be wondering that which are those benefits which are offered by these Tupperware water bottles! Here are details of those benefits which are served by them:


Compact & Lightweight

Most importantly, one of the prominent reasons for using these water bottles is that they are compact and lightweight.

They are easy to hold and carry. They are not at all heavyweight. Most noteworthy, they are accompanied by ergonomic design aspect. That is why they are immensely lightweight enough.

And does not offer a tough time while holding or even carrying them up in your bag or purse.



Most probably, people love buying a Tupperware water bottle as it is refrigerator friendly. You can easily keep them in your fridge or refrigerator. Store water or juices in them. This is so much amazing enough!


Easy to Clean

Most certainly, individuals largely prefer to buy a Tupperware water bottle because it is easy to maintain. It is also dishwasher safe. You can either wash it by using your hands.

In addition, you can put it in a dishwasher as well. It just needs some lukewarm water for washing. Thus, what's the bottom line? Feel free to buy these water bottles and keep yourself hydrated.


Material Used In Tupperware Water Bottle

Now coming to another question that which material is used and installed in a Tupperware water bottle!

Note down that most of the Tupperware containers are made by using the #4 or #5 plastics. A few of their water bottle versions are made by using and inducing the polycarbonate, #7 plastic.

Besides, a few of the Tupperware products are made and constructed by using LDPE or PP. Both of these materials are considered safe. And you can use these water bottles repeatedly as well.

Beyond, Tupperware has officially given this statement since the time of 2010 that they do not make water bottles which contain BPA. Hence, they claim to use just the best materials in their water bottle manufacturing process.

Moreover, these construction materials used in the making of water bottles are approved by renowned regulators.


10- Tupperware Aquaslim Flip Top Water Bottle - Multicolor Set Of 4

     Tupperware Aquaslim Flip Top Water Bottle

    Tupperware Aquaslim Flip Top Water Bottle comes on the tenth spot. Most probably, you may pick out this bottle for your daily.

    It is of many reasons that you are going to love it. It contains an appealing design in it.

    It has this flip open top which is the USP part of it. Most certainly, it is also its dishwasher safe property which convinces people to use and try it.

    While you are going to order this Tupperware Water bottle, you have to keep in mind that the product color may vary. Thus, it is as per stock availability that water bottles color may vary.

    You might be wondering why you should buy this bottle! And here we have given you so many reasons.

    To further want to know the best part about this reviewed product, it does not leak at all. The liquid manages to stay inside without any spillage and leakage.


    • Flip open top
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Great design


    • Water bottle color may vary


    9- Tupperware Eco Sports Water Bottle - Lightweight & Compact

       Tupperware Eco Sports Water Bottle

      Also, we have Tupperware Eco Sports Water Bottle for you. This is one of the lightweight and compact size water bottles.

      Furthermore, it has a cap on spout which is completely and wholly removable. It is also easy to clean and composed of moderate height.

      Moreover, it manages to fit and adjust snugly in your fridge or refrigerator door pocket. Even more, this Tupperware water bottle cap comes with a tab for easy sealing and easy opening job.

      Now, what's the bottom line? Thus, it is suggested to try out this bottle type as it is extremely durable.

      It is made of thick plastic material and its cap screws on perfectly tightly. We hope this water bottle will give you the best experience.


      • Lightweight and compact
      • Cap on the spout is seamlessly removable
      • It is easy to clean


      • None


      8- Tupperware Xtreme Set for Sports Lover - Come Along With Sipper

         Tupperware Xtreme Set for Sports Lover

        Another great recommendation we have for you! It is Tupperware Xtreme Set Eco-Flip Top Water Bottle. This bottle comes with a sipper.

        You will also get a keep tab where you can place and store your snacks and sandwiches. In addition, this bottle is installed with an ergonomic design.

        It is this specific property which makes this reviewed and suggested water bottle space efficient. Besides, it has this liquid-tight seal in order to prevent all spillage and leakage times.

        Want to know the best part and further great properties present in this Tupperware water bottle? Here they are! This bottle is made of non-toxic, non-carcinogenic material.

        Consequently, this is a great bottle as the package comes with a Flip Top Water Bottle 750 ml. And also a Keep Tab of 500 ml.


        • Ergonomic design
        • Non-toxic material
        • Spill-proof cover and liquid-tight cover


        • It is available in a few color options


        7- Eco Water Bottle Tupperware Green - Carries a Flip Top Seal

           Eco Water Bottle Tupperware Green

          How about using this Tupperware Eco Water Bottle which comes in the green color option! It has this flip top seal and here's the kicker deal for you.

          This water bottle accompanies and composed of an ergonomic design. It is designed in a way that its shape gets fit into your hands perfectly and seamlessly. This is crazy and exciting.

          Moreover, the opening section of this water bottle is of perfect and appropriate size. You can easily sip water from it and you can seamlessly pour any liquid from it.

          Moving to the bottom line of this review section, we suggest you buy this water bottle.

          As we have explained to you all of its great properties and features. And even more, it is its lid which always manages to secure nicely.


          • Comes with a flip top seal
          • It fits into your hand perfectly
          • Its lid secures perfectly


          • It lacks a sipper


          6- Tupperware Small Eco Water Bottle - Hand Strap Comes as a Bonus

             Tupperware Small Eco Water Bottle

            Tupperware Small Eco Water Bottle comes on the sixth spot. Most certainly, this bottle shall offer you a great experience. Moreover, here's the kicker deal, you will get a hand strap which is a bonus point.

            It is in black color that this hand strap is available. This hand strap shall make your carrying and holding job easy and mess free.

            You might be wondering which water bottle you should pick and buy for yourself? Here we have reviewed one such product for you which offers so much convenience.

            Thus, it is in a perfect size that this Tupperware water bottle is currently available. It carries a wide mouth which is neither too big nor too small.

            Hence, if you buy it, then to convey to us your experience and rating as well.


            • A flip cap
            • Offers convenience
            • Wide Mouth


            • None


            5- Tupperware Aquasafe Sports Water Bottle - Versatile Liquid-Tight Bottle

               TP-60-T500 Tupperware Aquasafe Sports Water Bottle (Screw Top Round 500ml, 1 Pcs)

              Besides, you are free to buy this Tupperware Aquasafe Sports Water Bottle for yourself. However, this is one of the versatile liquid-tight bottles which always deliver and serve the best drinking experience to you.

              You can use it in your home or while you are out for your outdoor activities. Most importantly, it is user-friendly and ergonomically designed. And here's the kicker deal, this water bottle successfully snugly fit into your palms.

              Most noteworthy, it comes with the element of a smart sleeve in order to wholly guarantee and ensure easy carrying water job.

              This is one of those exclusive Tupperware water bottles which seamlessly and quickly fits into your fridge door pocket.

              Thus, the bottom line from our side is that you can purchase this bottle is it is of compact size. The only drawback is that the color choice and selection is not available.

              You will be given the water bottle color option which is currently available at the manufacturer end.


              • A virtually liquid-tight bottle
              • Ergonomically designed
              • Compact size


              • Color Choice is not Available


              4- Tupperware Aquasafe Flip Top Bottle - Spill Proof Cover, Liquid Tight Cover

                 Tupperware Aquasafe Flip Top Bottle

                Now we have the next suggestion for you and it is Tupperware Aquasafe Flip Top Bottle. It is the set of 4 bottles which you can get for your family or friends. The capacity offered by this bottle set, it is 1 liter each.

                This is amazing and quite appropriate enough. In addition, these ergonomically designed bottles come with a liquid-tight cover.

                By buying this Tupperware water bottle, you will always get an ideal experience. It is due to the reason that this bottle is installed and come with a Spillproof cover.

                Want to know the best part which is encompassed by this Tupperware water bottle, it is that is easy to hold and carry. It manages to look great and extremely stylish in your hands.

                Hence, the kicker deal is that, buy this bottle and experience the best drinking time from this water bottle.


                • Ergonomically designed
                • Spill-proof cover, liquid-tight cover
                • Easy to hold


                • No hand strap


                3- Tupperware Large Eco Water Bottle - It is Dishwasher safe

                   Tupperware Large Eco Water Bottle

                  You might be wandering as whether you should buy this Tupperware Large Eco Water Bottle or not! We can help you in this area. There are lots of great properties which are present in this Tupperware water bottle.

                  It is in the jet black color that this bottle is currently available. Furthermore, its total storing capacity is 1 liter which is pretty much satisfactory and appropriate.

                  Moreover, it is in the contoured sort of shape that this water bottle is designed and made. Its tapered shape fits easily and perfectly in your hands. The package comes with an easy snipper cap as well.

                  Here's the deal for you too! As this water bottle successfully gets fit into most of the car cup holders, that is why you can buy it! Even more, it is dishwasher safe and seamlessly easy to maintain.

                  Hence, you can try out using this Tupperware water bottle and do send us your feedback, rating, and opinion as well.


                  • Tapered and contoured shape
                  • Included with an Easy Sipper cap
                  • Dishwasher safe


                  • None


                  2- Tupperware Small to Go BlackBerry Drinking Bottle - BPA Free & Non-Spill Cap

                     Tupperware Small to Go BlackBerry Drinking Bottle

                    Tupperware small to Go BlackBerry Drinking Bottle is assigned the second spot from our side. However, buying this Tupperware water bottle is a great choice as it is BPA-free.

                    It has this non-spill cap which manages to avoid and prevent all leakage and spillage situations. The storing capacity offered by this water bottle, it is 310 ml. So, what's the bottom line regarding this review section!

                    You can freely buy this bottle as it is of compact nature and wholly BPA free. It contains a non-spill cap at the same time. And you can easily keep it in your bag.

                    Thus, if you love to hold and carry a water bottle which comes in the blackberry shade, then here is the option for you.

                    Upon buying this Tupperware water bottle and using it for a few of the times. Then do give us your opinion too.


                    • BPA free
                    • Contains a non-spill cap
                    • Easy to carry


                    • None


                    1- Tupperware Eco Water Bottle - Flip Open Easy Sipper Cap

                       Tupperware Eco Water Bottle

                      Tupperware Eco Water Bottle is given the top rating from our side. You can buy this bottle without worrying about anything. Its storage capacity is 1 liter and here's another deal for you!

                      This bottle is available in red color option and it does come with a red cap as well. This is crazy and this part makes this Tupperware water bottle more stylish and appealing enough.

                      Furthermore, it has this Flip open easy sipper cap so that your drinking time always remain messy free.

                      The bottom line and our final verdict regarding this Tupperware water bottle is that it is a great product.

                      Most probably, it will give you easy cleaning and maintenance job as it is dishwasher safe. It is up to you, you can also wash it by your hands.

                      Thus, if you are hunting to get a durable and stylish water bottle for yourself. Then try this one Tupperware Eco Water Bottle for you.


                      • Red bottle with the red cap
                      • Contains a Flip open easy sipper cap
                      • Completely Dishwasher safe


                      • None


                      Best Tupperware Water Bottles - Buyers' Guide

                      Best Tupperware Water Bottles

                      Ergonomic Design

                      However, before you plan to get a Tupperware water bottle for yourself, make sure that it has an ergonomic design.

                      It has to be lightweight and compact. If it can get fit into your refrigerator door pocket, then do buy and purchase that bottle.

                      Thus, it is just this ergonomic design which makes these Tupperware water bottles much more space efficient.


                      Easy to Clean & Easy to Pour

                      Even more, try to buy that Tupperware water bottle which manages to offer easy to clean and easy to pour job. Its cap should be removable as well as easy to clean.

                      Look for the water bottle type which comes with a moderate height of spout. In this way, your pouring job will become easy.


                      Air-Tight Seal & Also Liquid-Tight Seal

                      In addition, you should only choose that water bottle which comes with an Air-tight and also Liquid-tight seal feature. It should not show any leakage property.

                      Hence, if it has a spill-proof cover as well as the liquid-tight cover, then you can easily carry such a bottle on the go.


                      Made by Using the Top-Grade Plastic

                      Besides, your Tupperware water bottle should be made of non-toxic materials.

                      If it is made of non-carcinogenic and top-grade plastic materials, then do buy that bottle as soon as possible for yourself. Beyond, shop for that water bottle which is environment-friendly.


                      FAQ's About Tupperware Water Bottles


                      Is Tupperware Bottle Safe for Drinking Water?

                      Yes, a Tupperware water bottle is safe for drinking water. The manufacturers have claimed that their bottles are BPA-free. But what's the kicker is that their bottles are made by using and incorporating LDPE or PP.

                      These materials are environmentally friendly, health friendly and dishwasher friendly.


                      What is the Price of Tupperware Water Bottles?

                      • Tupperware 1000ML Aquasafe Water Bottle is of Rs 500.

                      • Tupperware Aquaslim Flip Top Water Bottle 750 Ml, Set Of 4 is of 37 dollars.

                      • Eco Water Bottle Large 36 Oz/1 Liter Tupperware is of 12 dollars.

                      Thus, what's the bottom line? We can say that all of these Tupperware water bottles are quite budget-friendly.


                      Can Tupperware Go in the Dishwasher?

                      Yes, a Tupperware water bottle is dishwasher safe. However, you have to keep in mind certain important points while loading these bottles into the dishwasher. You need to wash all of the seals as well as bottles together.

                      In addition, you need to place these Tupperware water bottles securely just on the top shelf of the dishwasher. If these bottles are going to touch any of the heating elements of the dishwasher, then these bottles may melt up.

                      Moreover, you can make use a baking soda paste. This shall remove all stains from your Tupperware water bottles.


                      What is the Difference Between Tupperware Water Bottles and Plastic Water Bottles?

                      Tupperware water bottles are made and manufactured by using the polycarbonate (plastic). These bottles are claimed to be BPA-free. On the other hand, plastic water bottles do contain traces of BPA in them.

                      BPA is termed as Bisphenol A, this is a chemical compound. And it can cause severe damage to your health.



                      To summarize, we have mentioned the top and best versions of Tupperware water bottles. If you are already using these kinds of bottles, then share your feedback.

                      However, one should always make sure that their water bottles are BPA-free and health friendly. This is the keen element which should be their primary priority!

                      Now, here's the deal! Do inform us which recommendation you are going to pick from this list. Sooner we will update more of the recommendations and premium suggestions in the form of Tupperware water bottles.

                      So stay tuned and in touch with us. Lastly, always keep a water bottle in your bag to keep your body completely hydrated, fresh and healthy enough.

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