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10 Types of Glass Bottles You Should Know

by Patricia Franklin on April 29, 2019

There comes an immense variety and extensive range when we talk about the types of glass bottles.

So, let us all discuss the different variations which are possessed by these glass bottles and these are the important facts which you should know about them as well.

Types of Glass Bottles

We have beer glass bottles, bologna and, fiasco glass bottles, then we have glass milk bottles and sealed bottles and the last one are the wine glass bottles.

These glass bottles are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and, shades.

All of them have their own historical background and their usage and overall importance cannot be denied at any cost.

You can let us know how much you are aware of the glass bottle types and which one you use mostly:


1- Beer Glass Bottle

Beer Bottles

The beer glass bottle is mainly and usually designed as in the form of a container for keeping the beer. This bottle varies a lot in terms of shape, color, and size. The glass of this bottle is commonly present in the green or brown color shade do that spoilage situation from light can be reduced.

The alternation option is to use beverage cans or you can use the aluminum bottles.

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These bottles are used to store larger volumes of beer.

The shorter version of this beer glass bottle is called with the name of stubby. It is usually shorter as well as flatter as compared to the standard bottles. This bottle is made of thick glass and it can be reused and also recycles.

They are easy to handle, easy to carry and you experience less breakage while using them up. Moreover, they are light in weight and require less storage space.


2- Boston Round Glass Bottles

Round Glass Bottles

These Boston round glass bottles are currently present in lots of color variations like you can have them in blue color, clear shade or in the amber color.

It is their round design which makes them perfectly and completely applicable to be used in the chemical and food industries and also in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


3- AC Glass Container Bottles

AC Glass Container Bottles

This is another important type of glass bottle which is the AC glass container bottle.

It comprises a wide mouth and it is one of the ideal bottles if you want to scoop out heavy sauces or mayonnaise.

This versatile looking bottle can easily pour spaghetti sauce or honey out from it.

Even more, it is for the sampling purpose that this container is used in the category of industrial applications.


4- French Square Glass Bottles

French Square Glass Bottles

These are clear glass bottles which come in a variety number of sizes.

You can utilize them to place and keep your bath items, food items. They are encompassed with a unique shape.

The best part about this bottle is that your product will stand out once you will keep it in this jar.

It is for the pharmaceutical applications, industrial and chemical applications category that this specific bottle is heavily used.


5- Bologna Bottle

Bologna Bottle

This bottle is also given the name of Bologan phial or you can call it as a philosophical vial. This is a commonly used glass bottle which is packed with lots of external strength and power.

It is for the magic tricks as well as for the physics demonstrations that you can use this bottle.

The exterior side of this bottle is generally and comparatively stronger.

On the other hand, the interior section of it can let it break or crumble even if it gets a small scratch. We can say that it is both an extremely fragile and extremely durable bottle.


6- Fiasco Glass Bottle

Fiasco Glass Bottle

This is a typical Italian style glass bottle which comes with a round body and round bottom as well.

It is with a close fitting kind of straw basket that this bottle is mainly covered on a partial basis. It is made of sala which is a swamp seed.


7- Glass Milk Bottles

Glass Milk Bottles

These specific glass bottles are used for keeping and storing milk. Such bottles are reusable and they come in a variety range of sizes.

Their common size options are 1 pint or you can have them in 1-quart size.

The smaller version of these bottles is used to carry cream.


8- Hexagon Glass Bottles

Hexagon Glass Bottles

Then we have hexagon glass jars for you. These are one of the attractive and eye-catching glass jars, this is basically a six-sided container.

You can use these bottles to keep your bath and beauty products and also food and cosmetic items.

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This multiple sided jar can be decorated in order to enhance its look, you can place a ribbon around it or wrap a bow or a hang tag.


9- Sealed Bottles

Sealed Bottles

These bottles usually contain an applied glass seal and this seal is usually present on the side section of the bottle.

This seal is a kind of molten blob of glass and it comes with an embossed symbol too.

On this symbol, you might see the details which include some name, date or initials.


10- Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles

Such bottles are generally made by using glass. These bottles are used to hold wine and they are produced in a variety range and volumes of shapes and sizes. They are traditionally and primarily sealed by using a cork.

These days screw-top caps are immensely and popularly used for the sealing purpose on these wine bottles. Straight sided and high shouldered wine bottles are manufactured.

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Then we have tall wine bottles, slender and elongated as well as thick walled wine bottles.

This is one such exclusive wine glass bottle category which encompassed such variations and different types in it.


Keep connected with us and more details on different types of glass bottles and glass jars will be shared with the readers. Let us know if you are aware of some other glass bottle version!

This glass jar category is quite huge and extensive and every single day one can see lots of variations in this glass bottle manufacturing industry.

If some new version of glass bottle will come in the market, we will let you know.


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