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Different Types of Thermos Flask - You Should Know Before Buying

by Patricia Franklin on May 07, 2019

To begin with, there is an enormous variety of thermos flask options. Every single type serves a different purpose. Here you will get the complete information on different types of thermos flasks.

Moreover, this information will help you to get the best flask version before buying it.

No matter you enjoy a lot having a sip of coffee after every half an hour. It does not matter you like to sip cold beverages all the time. Thus, to maintain their hold or cold texture.

Thermos Flask

These thermos flask versions are designed for you.

Even more, such sort of thermos flasks is used excessively by kids and adult.

They are a perfect choice for keeping and holding your hot and cold drinks taste.

It is at the desired temperature range that your beverages taste are well-maintained.

Most noteworthy, if you are camping or hiking. Then make sure to carry such a thermos with you.

In addition, look for thermos flask option which is compatible to your stated needs.

If you want your hot beverages to remain hot for 6 to 12 hours, then pick that option.

And if you want your cold beverages to remain too cold for 12 to 24 hours, then choose that version.

Thus, let us have a look at the details and important facts regarding different thermos flask types.

Let us know which flask or thermos you prefer to use:

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Thermos Flask for Soup

Thermos Flask for Soup

Firstly, we have thermos flask version for you which is to keep soup.

Most probably, you may have used and availed this thermal flask version already. This is one of the primary and basic kinds of this subjected category. Furthermore, it is a good choice for holding soup.

However, if you want to keep your liquid-based foods, then this type is a great choice for you.

This type comes in the handy product categories. Moreover, it is best to carry during your long journeys. If you are out for touring or hiking, then keep this essential with you.

Besides, this thermos flask type offer you practical uses at the same time.

It manages to keep your soup and the rest of the liquid based foods texture excellent.

Most importantly, the capacity which is possessed by this type, it is around 250/300ml to 700ml.


More Features on Thermos Flask for Soup

If you have got this version in the form of a smaller flask, then its capacity revolves around 250/300ml.

The larger version of it hold the capacity up to 700ml.
Beyond, this type can keep your food texture all up to 15 hours. This is quite a satisfactory holding time.

If you often like to have soup during your lunchtime, then this version will work appropriately for you.

Hence, this thermal food flask does come with a large lid. You can use this large lid as a bowl as well.

Most certainly, this is a handy choice for all soup lovers.


Thermos Flask for Cold Drinks

Thermos Flask for Cold Drinks

In addition to, there is another important type of thermos flask category. It is this flask which only made and designed for keeping cold drinks.

Thus, if you love drinking cold beverages, then this type will work for you in a suitable way.
Moreover, there are a few of the flasks which are only manufactured to keep cold drinks texture correct.

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All in all, they are specially and exclusively designed. This is a handy product. Such thermos flasks are easy to carry too.

Besides, they are heavily used during the warm time summer days.


More Features on Thermos Flask for Cold Drinks

However, if you are in the habit of drinking cold water or cold beverage a lot. Then keeping such a flask version is important for you.

Most certainly, you may have noticed the highest demand of this thermos type in the summer days. Every single person carries this thermos in his hands during the hottest summer time.

This is the exclusive kind of flask type which successfully keeps your drinks cold for hours and hours.

As this is an individual flask and works only for cold drinks. For the reason that its operations and running capacity are quite amazing.


Vintage Style Thermos Flask

Vintage Style Thermos Flask

As an example, we have another thermos flask primary type for you. It is this vintage styled thermos.

This sort of thermos used to carry gunpowder in it. This practice was followed back in the old days. Note that this practice is no longer followed in the present days.

This thermos is commonly and generally linked with alcohol. It is true! Moreover, they come in amazing designs.

As they carry a vintage look. It is for this reason that they look exceptionally great.

It is in the different designs that you can have this thermos for yourself.

They are lightweight. Most noteworthy, they are a great option if you want to carry alcohol with you.


Hip Thermos Flasks

Hip Thermos Flasks

Moving on, we have hip thermos flask option for you. This flask was primarily and initially utilized by aristocrats. Moreover, it was used by gentry folk for over centuries and centuries.

This is the classic looking thermos type. If you want to bring that stylish and appealing factor in your thermos bottle.

Then we are sure you will pick this exclusive and particular kind.
However, this is the particular thermos version which comprises square corners. It is encompassed by a curved body.

Most probably, you will find such a flask which offers 6 ounces storage capacity.
Moreover, its overall design is rectangular in shape.

It is because of the curves that you can fit it easily into your belt. Besides, you can fit and adjust this flask easily in your pocket as well.

This is possible because it is surrounded by the presence of curves.

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Other Less Common Types of Thermos Flask

To begin with, we have this pocket flask. It is similar in shape like we have the hip thermos flask. However, it has a flat looking body.

This particular type also contains a more rounded body.

Some people also like to make use of the top pocket thermos flask version. Most importantly, this is the thermos type which is small and slim looking.

It can quickly get fit into any of your top pockets.

Furthermore, there is this purse thermos flask type. It is also smaller in size. On the other hand, it is narrower in shape than that of the hip flask type.

Even more, it is designed to get fit into any women purse.


Silver Thermos Flasks

Silver Thermos Flasks

Here we have the next major type for you and it is this silver thermos flask. Most probably, many of you may have used this thermos type. This is an expensive thermos type.

At the same time, it is beautifully designed.

However, it is the belief of some people that silver let the liquor taste excellent and better.

That is why people prefer to use such a thermos flask option. If you want your liquor to taste the best and better always.

Then this option will work decently for you.

Hence, if you plan to buy a silver thermos flask, then make sure to get it a vintage style. Such flasks are always available in a vintage style.

Consequently, if it is not vintage looking. Then that silver thermos flask is fake.


Pewter Thermos Flask

Pewter Thermos Flask

Also, we have pewter thermos flask type for our readers, This is the thermos version which is made of highly attractive material.

Most certainly, you know that Pewter is a durable material. Furthermore, it is resilient material which ages well.

In addition, Pewter flasks used to carry and have lead in then. If you have decided to buy a genuine and real vintage pewter flask.

Then get the modern version of it. The older version of pewter thermos flasks is toxic for you. Upon buying modern pewter, you will remain safe for sure.


Stainless Steel Thermos Flasks

Stainless Steel Thermos Flasks

There is the next important type of thermos flask.

It is this stainless steel thermos. This thermos flask type has become immensely popular these days.
People are excessively using this version.

This flask keeps both of your hold and cold drinks in excellent texture. Moreover, this is a great material which is used in its construction.
Such flasks are easy to clean.

Moreover, they are rust resistant. On the same note, they are immensely durable. However, such flasks fail to carry exciting designs in them.


Decorated Thermos Flasks

Decorated Thermos Flasks

To summarize, the last thermos flask type is penned down over here.

You can call it a decorated thermos flask type. Besides, a large number of retailers sell such flasks because of their highest demand.

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These flasks comprise hippy-style images. Moreover, they are decorated with the induction of vibrant colors.

Some of them are features with army-style imagery. Beyond, this flask type is designed in many of the non-standard shapes.



Hence, these are the basic types which are a part of the thermos flask category. Moreover, you can have a thermos in gun shape.

Or you can have it in a perfume bottle shape.

Or you can buy such a flask which is styled in a heart shape. However, if you have used such flasks carrying non-traditional designs, then share your feedback.

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