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7 Best Water Bottle Carriers for Teams [ Guide & Review ]

by Patricia Franklin on May 24, 2019

Here we have the best 7 water bottle carriers for teams for our readers. You can check out their reviews. To begin with, we have shortlisted the best and top 7 options for you.

You can pick out any one of them. Furthermore, all of these water bottle carrier options are made of high-quality materials. They encompass durability aspects in them.

Moreover, the topmost selling point of these water bottle carriers is that their holding capacity is quite maximum.

Most of our recommendations have the potential to keep 6 to 8 water bottles in a single carrier.


Best Water Bottle Carriers for Teams - Our Top Picks

Water Bottle Carriers for Teams

Even more, it is their firm grip handle design which makes these water bottle carrier options the best of all.

All of our suggested options and recommended versions are the part of durable bottle carrier category. Many of them are easy to fold as well.

In addition, you can easily store these water bottle carriers at the same time. Most importantly, they are made of plastic. It means they are easy to carry and easy to handle.

Note that they are manufactured and made by using hard wearing plastic. This construction material will make sure that you experience easy to transport job.

Most noteworthy, most of these water bottle carriers come with bottles addition as well. It means you will not only get a bottle carrier. In fact, you will also get water bottles.


1- Adams Bottle Carrier - Durable Hard Plastic Construction

 Adams Bottle Carrier

To begin with, we have Adams Bottle Carrier with 8 Water Bottles for you. This is a great option for you. Besides, its topmost and prominent selling point is that it is made of durable and exceptional quality plastic.

With the package, you will get 8- 32 oz. pull top kind of water bottles. Most certainly, you will prefer to buy this sort of water bottle carrier as it is packed with a convenient carry handle option.

It means that you will not feel any trouble while carrying and holding this bottle carrier. Its handle is extremely firm and sturdy with respect to its texture. Furthermore, it is made of hard plastic.

Soft plastic is not at all used in its construction phase, Just the hard plastic is installed and induced in this water bottle carrier construction

Thus, we are confident that you will give your thumbs up and quite a positive review to this Adams Bottle Carrier.

If you plan to buy then after using it for a few of the days, do give us your feedback as well. Share with us which feature of it you like and loved the most of this Adams Bottle Carrier!


  • 8- 32 oz. pull top sort of water bottles are included
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Durable hard plastic construction


  • None


2- BioSteel Team Water Bottle Carrier - Heavy Duty Handle

 BioSteel Team Water Bottle Carrier

Also, we have BioSteel Team Water Bottle Carrier for you. It is assigned the second spot. Most certainly, you will prefer to use this version as it is accompanied by a heavy duty handle.

This water bottle carrier is the best option for all team sports. In other words, this is a must-have product for all teams. So, do consider buying this product. Furthermore, it can hold up to six water bottles which are pretty amazing.

We have seen it on a general level that high-quality and reliable bottle carriers hold six to eight water bottles at one single time. And BioSteel Team Water Bottle Carrier is one of them. Moreover, this is a durable carrier.

The only drawback which is associated with this BioSteel Team Water Bottle Carrier, it is that you will not get bottles with the package. You will just a bottle carrier and this is all!

In addition, you will see the presence of a heavy duty handle. Most of the bottles carriers are devoid of and lack the induction of heavy duty handle in them.

But this reviewed product is completely packed with a heavy duty handle presence. Consequently, try this bottle carrier which is a great option for all team sports. Do give us your rating if you buy this product.


  • Durable carrier
  • Holds up to 6 bottles
  • Presence of Heavy duty handle


  • Bottles are not included in the package


3- Net World Sports 10 Water Bottles & Carrier - Fist Grip Handle Design

 Net World Sports 10 Water Bottles & Carrier

How about using this Net World Sports 10 Water Bottles & Carrier! We have given it a third spot and ranking. The USP part of this bottle carrier is that you will get ten water bottles as well.

These bottles are BPA-free plastic bottles. And they come in the category of sports water bottles. Moreover, these bottles are available in black, blue, orange colors.

And also in pink, semi-transparent shades. As well as in white, yellow color. Even more, this is a highly suitable and appropriate water bottle carrier which can keep the entire team hydrated during the times of training and matches.

Most probably, it is the induction of a fist grip handle design that this reviewed product has become so much popular.

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Note down that this bottle carrier comes and packed with an easy grip handle. It folds away seamlessly as well for the sake of easy storage.

Besides, this durable water bottle carrier for teams is manufactured by using hard wearing plastic. So, just book this bottle carrier for yourself. Most probably, you will experience quick delivery time. Just order this product today. And enjoy extremely quick service.


  • 10 BPA free plastic bottles are included
  • Fist grip handle design
  • Made of hard wearing plastic


  • None


4- Gatorade 32oz 6ct Bottle Carrier - Compatible With All Kinds of Gatorade 32oz Bottles

Gatorade 32oz 6ct Bottle Carrier

Gatorade 32oz 6ct Bottle Carrier is another recommendation from our side. This water bottle carrier is extremely compatible with all sorts of Gatorade 32oz bottles.

Most importantly, it can hold and keep up to 6 bottles. This is a pretty satisfactory holding capacity which is served by this reviewed bottle carrier option. It is also extremely and immensely convenient to use.

For the sake of seamless portability, there is a durable handle attached on it. Moreover, it is because of the easy-access design that your water bottles shall remain secure and ready to go at the same time.

Thus, try this Gatorade 32oz 6ct Bottle Carrier if you are part of any sports team. We know that sports team members have to fulfill their hydration demand for the entire day.

For the reason that such kind of water bottle carriers is made and manufactured for them.


  • Compatible with all range of Gatorade 32oz bottles
  • Holds 6 squeeze bottles
  • Durable handle
  • Seamless portability job


  • Bottles are sold separately


5- Martin Sports The Water Bottle Carrier - Easily Holds 6 - 26 oz Bottles

Martin Sports The Water Bottle Carrier

Another, a great recommendation we have for you! It is this Martin Sports The Water Bottle Carrier. On a general note, the demand for these water bottle carriers is just getting super high and super big.

No matter you are the part of a small sports team or you are associated with any big sports team. You will always see these kinds of bottle carriers in the sports playground zones.

However, we have recommended this specific product to you because of an enormous number of reasons. This carrier is made of plastic. Besides, it can easily hold 6-26 OZ Bottles.

Moreover, this bottle carrier is the name of durability. Though it is made of plastic only the hard plastic is used in its making process.

Most noteworthy, the handle of this bottle carrier is molded in a super accessible and super convenient form.

Lastly, your bottles will not fall off from it. So, a big attention call to all sports teams! If you want to grab such a bottle carrier for your team then try out this exclusive version as well.


  • Durable Plastic
  • Convenient Molded Handle
  • Holds 6 bottles


  • None


6- BSN Bottle Carrier with 8 Qt Bottles - It's Carrying Handle Gives a Sturdy Handhold Time

BSN Bottle Carrier with 8 Qt Bottles

BSN Bottle Carrier with 8 Qt Bottles is given the sixth spot. However, this is a great suggestion as well in the category of water bottle carriers as it is made of molded PVC.

In addition, this carrier shall offer you durable use all the time. Its molded PVC construction makes it a reliable choice for all sports teams. It is in the bold red color that you can have this bottle carrier.

Furthermore, its carrying handle will always give you a sturdy handhold time. It completely means that your bottles will not ever fall off and never get clumsy. They will remain at their place in this carrier.

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As you will get 8 bottles with the package. And all of these bottles are equipped and packed with a big mouth for the sake of easy use.

Moreover, this water bottle carrier is manufactured in Taiwan. All high-quality aspects are present in it. Thus, if you buy this carrier then do share and pen down your feedback over here.

Hopefully, all of your requirements are going to be fulfilled as soon as you will start using this BSN Bottle Carrier with 8 Qt Bottles.


  • It is made of molded PVC
  • It offers durable use
  • The carrying handle gives a sturdy handhold time


  • Expensive


7- Mueller Collapsible Plastic Bottle Carrier - Comprises A Collapsible Design

Mueller Collapsible Plastic Bottle Carrier

Lastly, we gave Mueller Collapsible Plastic Bottle Carrier for you. It is bundled and packed with 6 Quart Bottles. Most certainly, this is a reliable bottle carrier as the package comes with 6 Mueller bottles.

This Mueller bottle carrier comprises a collapsible design. It is made by using a heavy-duty plastic so that the user can experience durability for years and years.

In addition, the bottles which you are going to get are extremely sleek. These are newly-designed sport water bottles which you will simply love. Furthermore, they offer easier grip time.

Hence, we suggest you trying this Mueller Collapsible Plastic Bottle Carrier as the purchaser will get BPA free plastic quart bottles.

Give us your reviews as well if you try this specific bottle carrier. And we will sooner update you regarding its upcoming models and versions.


  • Included with 6 Mueller bottles
  • Contain a collapsible design
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic


  • None


Best Water Bottle Carriers for Teams - Buyer's Guide

 Best Water Bottle Carriers for Teams Buying


Convenient Carry Handle

Most importantly, look for a water bottle carrier which has a sturdy and firm looking carrying handle.

In this way, you can easily carry and use this bottle carrier. That handle should also give you easy holding time.


Durable & High-Quality hard Plastic Construction

Moreover, try to shop for that kind of water bottle carrier which is made of durable and high-quality hard plastic construction aspect. If it is made of molded PVC, then that is also fine!

However, only high-quality construction elements should be used in your chosen and selected water bottle carrier version.


Maximum Holding Capacity

Even more, your shortlisted water bottle carrier should offer maximum holding capacity.

It should accommodate and hold at least 6 to 8 bottles in it. This is an average holding capacity which is offered by water bottle carriers.


Easy to Store & Foldable

In addition, your durable bottle carrier should offer an exclusive property with respect to folding and storing.

If it is easy to store and easy to fold then you can choose that bottle carrier option for yourself.

However, we mean to say that it should have a collapsible design. Such a design presence is possible if your bottle carrier is made of heavy-duty plastic.



Thus, do try out these recommendations. We are sure you will love all this water bottle carrier versions. To summarize, they are appropriate recommendations as they have collapsible designs.

And they are constructed just by using the heavy-duty plastic material for the sake of durability.

Buy them and keep connected with us. Further and revised list with respect to these bottle carriers for teams are arriving sooner over here.

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