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10 Best Wooden Thermos Review & Guide - Top Pickups of 2019

by Patricia Franklin on June 11, 2019

Let us check out the reviews on the best wooden thermos in 2019. We have put up and collected the complete buying guide for you as well. To begin with, our recommendations are absolutely longlasting.

They are made of real wood material and most of them are constructed by using the 100% Real Bamboo. This is an earth-friendly as well as renewable resource material.

Furthermore, a few of the thermos options comes with a strainer for the sake and purpose of straining the tea.


Best Wooden Thermos Reviewed

 Best Wooden Thermos

Moreover, they run and operate on the Vacuum seal technology so that the liquids can remain cold or hot for at least up to 12 hours time frame.

Even more, these wooden thermos options are great to be used during running and hunting times. If you are out on a hiking or you are biking, then do carry a wooden thermos with you.

These suggestion comprise a BPA-free design. And they are made of non-leaching as well as a non-toxic material. Thus, try these wooden thermos options and share your feedback.

Hopefully, this combination of wood and stainless steel will come on your expectations. Besides, these wooden thermoses are ecologically sustainable. Let us have a look at the details now:


Benefits of Wooden Thermos


There are an enormous number of benefits which are delivered by these wooden thermos options.

Here you can have a look at the details of these benefits and plus points:


Easily Store Hot Beverage or Cold Beverage

Most importantly, these wooden thermos flasks have the capacity to easily and conveniently store either the hot beverages or cold beverages. You can store and keep any kind of beverage or drink in them.

As an example, be it water, tea or coffee or fruit juices. Moreover, these kinds of thermos flasks are handy to carry and keep anywhere.

They can fit perfectly into your car cup holders. Besides, you can carry and use them everywhere. Like, no matter you are going on camping, hiking, traveling.


Safe & Immensely Hygienic to Use

Most noteworthy, individuals prefer to use these wooden thermos options because they are immensely and extremely hygienic to use.

In addition to, these kinds of travel flasks are oxidation resistant as well as flammability resistant.

They can survive in any sort of environmental conditions. Beyond, these wooden thermoses and non-toxic, odor-less flasks manage to hold heat for a longer time.


Naturally BPA Free & Absolutely Odor Free

As these wooden thermoses are made of stainless steel and wood, for the reason that they will remain durable.

The construction material used in these travel flasks are always of high quality. And it is also FDA approved. Most probably, food Grade 18/8 and double wall stainless steel material is used along with a surface texture of natural and real bamboo.

These materials make such wooden thermos flasks natural BPA free and too absolutely odor free.



Most certainly, as these wooden thermos flasks are wrapped by real wooden material and enclosed by the high-quality stainless material. That is why these wooden thermoses are marked as eco-friendly options.

The induction and usage of 100% natural bamboo contain no toxins and epoxies. These construction materials do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) in them.

Even more, these travel flasks are bacteria resistant and odor-free resistant.


Things You Should Know Before Buying Wooden Thermos

Wooden Thermos

As an example, below we have mentioned a few of the important points which you should keep in mind if you plan to buy wooden thermos flasks for yourself:


Maximum Thermal protection Effect Properties

You should buy those wooden thermos flasks which manage to offer maximum thermal protection properties.

It should show versatility so that you can use it as a coffee mug or as a teacup or as a travel cup.

However, because of maximum thermal protection properties, your specific drink shall remain hot and cold for long hours.


Sleek and Stylish Exterior Design

Besides, your purchased wooden thermos flask should accompany a great design and style in it.

If it is featured and packed with a multicolored delicate printing effect, then that is great! It can also have a world map or any animation design on it. Beyond, look for those travel flasks which carries sleek and stylish exterior.


Rust Resistant & Break Resistant

In addition, you have to make sure that whether your bought wooden thermos is rust-resistant and break-resistant or not! It should have all these properties in it.

Thus, if it is made of 100% premium and food grade stainless steel material, then it shall remain extremely durable. And it will also not rust or break.


10- DEYYA Texture Wood Thermos Water Bottle 

 DEYYA Texture Wood Thermos Water Bottle

    Here we have DEYYA Texture Wood Thermos Water Bottle for you. This is a double wall stainless steel bottle and it has all this textured wooden surface.

    Most importantly, this insulated travel mug offers maximum storage capacity. In other words, you can store your beverage up to 500 ml- 17 oz ratio.

    Besides, you can easily and smoothly keep your beverage hot for about 12 hours.

    Thus, you are free to use this texture wooden thermos water bottle as it is extremely compact. Note down its dimensions which are 2.36 x 10.24 x 2.36 inches. And it is made of food grade PP material.


    • Maximum heat preservation effect
    • The heat preservation life is 8 years
    • Beautiful design


    • None


    9- HEY BOX Wooden Board Thermos Water Bottle 

     HEY BOX Wooden Board Thermos Water Bottle

      HEY BOX Wooden Board Thermos Water Bottle comes on the ninth spot. Most noteworthy and the USP part of this wooden thermos flask. It is that it has a wide mouth.

      It can retain the taste of your hot or cold beverage for up to and a maximum duration of 12 hours. Furthermore, it is made by using the food grade 304 stainless steel. And it is further wrapped by the wooden material.

      Most probably, you may like this wooden thermos as it is travel-friendly and easy to carry.

      It is its size and dimensions which makes it easy to hold and carry. This reviewed product size dimensions are 7.28 x 2.16 inch /18.5 * 5.5 cm. And its offers capacity range is 7.5 oz / 220 ml. Lastly, its insulation duration is up to 12 hours.


      • Insulation Duration is up to 12 hours
      • Contains a food grade liner
      • It has a vacuum lock layer


      • The design is less catchy


      8- S'well Teakwood Water Bottle

       S'well Teakwood Water Bottle

        How about using this S'well Teakwood Water Bottle! It has this nontoxic and also BPA-free design. It works and runs on non-leaching properties.

        Furthermore, it can keep your drink up to its real and actual taste for up to 12 hours. It is pretty much amazing! Moreover, this wooden thermos can get fit into your standard cup holders.

        It means you can carry it anywhere you wish to! Note that S’well has so far aided and helped out in terms of planting half a million trees since the times 2013.

        Hence, if you plan to buy this wooden thermos, then do share your rating with us. It accompanies an enormous number of great properties in it. That is why we have suggested this wooden thermos flask option to you.


        • Non-toxic and non-leaching
        • Contains a BPA-free design
        • Keeps drinks cold for about 24 hours


        • None


        7- Outland Wood-Grain Stainless Steel Insulated Thermos

           Outland Wood-Grain Stainless Steel Insulated Thermos

          Another great recommendation we have for you, it is this Outland Wood-Grain Stainless Steel Insulated Thermos. This wood grain thermos has become one of the popular models.

          Do buy this Travel Insulated Tumbler and you will have an amazing experience. Besides, it is made with the help of a great combination and fusion of stainless steel and wood.

          How cool and amazing it is! Beyond, this is an ecologically sustainable option. For the reason that do buy this model for yourself.

          Most importantly, it is safe and secure to use. It prevents water leakage situations. It is also vacuum sealed.

          Even more, it manages to hold and keep your drinks cool for about 24 hours time frame. Thus, we hope this wooden thermos comes on your desired standards and benchmark points.


          • Wood and Stainless Steel combination
          • Ecologically Sustainable
          • Safe and secure to use


          • No money back guarantee


          6- PengMin Wood Board Pattern Stainless Steel Thermos

             PengMin Wood Board Pattern Stainless Steel Thermos

            The next suggestion we have for you, it is PengMin Wood Board Pattern Stainless Steel Thermos. This thermal and travel-friendly mug has this wood board pattern on it.

            It also comes with a lid. In addition, it manages to deliver a maximum storage capacity which is approximately up to 400ml.

            Most certainly, you may pick out this recommendation as it is made of Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel as well as Food Grade Wooden ABS Exterior.

            However, there are also other reasons which push you to buy this wooden thermos. It is compact and lightweight.

            Its dimensions and overall size measurements are (H)6.6 In X (Lid Diameter) 3.3 X (Button Diameter) 2.6 In. It offers quite a satisfactory range of thermal protection effect.

            Lastly, it is this multicolored and appealing printing presence which makes this thermos eye-catching enough.


            • Food Grade Wooden ABS Exterior
            • Good Thermal Protection Effect
            • Multicolored Printing


            • Limited in stock


            5- MOSH! Wood Texture Thermos Bottle

               MOSH! Wood Texture Thermos Bottle

              MOSH! Wood Texture Thermos Bottle is assigned the fifth spot. This wooden texture thermos flask comprises 15.2 oz capacity. It is leak proof and contains double vacuum insulation.

              The reason to buy this option is that it accompanies and consist of retro design. It is in the brown color option that this travel flask is currently available.

              Even more, the inner compartment of it is made of 100% premium and high-quality food-grade stainless steel. And the exterior section of it has this wood texture.

              Moreover, this is an extremely durable wooden thermos which fails to rust or break.

              As it is made of the finest and premium materials, for the reason that it is eco-friendly. Thus, try this thermos for once as you can carry and keep it safely in your bag.


              • It is extremely durable
              • It does rust or break
              • Stylish looking wood retro design


              • Its insulation properties are average


              4- Morning Wood Premium Bamboo Wooden Thermos

                 Morning Wood Premium Bamboo Wooden Thermos

                However, you can also try this Morning Wood Premium Wooden Bamboo Thermos. This thermos is handcrafted by making use of the finest and 100% recycled as well as 18/8 stainless steel material.

                Most importantly, it is hand wrapped in 100% bamboo. It is its uniquely insulated design which makes it extremely popular.

                Most certainly, you will love to take a sip from this wooden thermos as it is attached and packed with a quick-seal. It has this pressure fit lid which eliminates and prevents all kinds of splashes. 

                Being an environmentally friendly option and constructed by using the recycled materials, we recommend this 100% natural bamboo made wooden thermos to you.


                • It is hand wrapped in 100% bamboo
                • Contains a uniquely insulated design
                • It is easy to clean


                • None


                3- AXIOMIE Wooden Thermos

                   AXIOMIE Wooden Thermos

                  Besides, we have the next best recommendation for you and it is AXIOMIE Wooden Thermos. This thermos can keep all kinds of hot or cold beverages.

                  It is its Flammability and Oxidation resistant properties which mark it as one of the durable options. Furthermore, this non-toxic and odor-less thermos is far a better option as compared to the traditional containers.

                  It has given this attractive and appealing bamboo look. Its construction materials are all FDA approved. Moreover, it is absolutely and completely resistant to scratches.

                  Consequently, you can consider this reviewed wooden thermos option as a great recommendation because it is packed with the anti-cracking property.

                  We are sure that you will enjoy a 100% risk-free purchase experience at the same time.


                  • Oxidation resistant
                  • Packed with a surface of natural bamboo
                  • It is resistant to rust, and dents


                  • It lacks a wide mouth


                  2- Evrchill Wooden Thermos

                     Evrchill Wooden Thermos

                    Evrchill Bamboo Thermos is given the top second spot from our side. It is made of 100% Real Bamboo. And at the same time, it is Vacuum sealed. Most importantly, its holding capacity is 12oz.

                    Moreover, this thermos makes use of and utilize 100% Real Bamboo. Being an earth-friendly material and a renewable resource, this recommendation will truly win your hearts.

                    The induction and installation of vacuum seal technology shall keep your drinks cold or hot for a maximum time duration frame.

                    Thus, if you are making plans with respect to hiking, camping, then do keep a bunch of these kinds of wooden thermos flasks with you.


                    • Uses 100% Real Bamboo
                    • Includes a strainer
                    • Vacuum seal technology


                    • None


                    1- Northcore Bamboo Wooden Thermos 

                       Northcore Bamboo Wooden Thermos

                      Finally, we have Northcore Bamboo Wooden Thermos for you. This is a Stainless Steel Thermos Flask which offers storage capacity completely up to 360 millimeters.

                      This is quite a satisfactory storage capacity. Furthermore, this thermos is the name of product safety as well as health environmental protection.

                      Moreover, it offers excellent heat preservation effect. And its heat preservation life is about 8 to 10 years.

                      Hence, if you are looking for such a thermos flask which is made of wooden bamboo material, then here is this one great version for you. If you buy it, then pen down your experience and rating too.


                      • Holds 360ml beverage
                      • Real bamboo
                      • Weighs only 310g


                      • None


                      Best Wooden Thermos - Buyer's Guide

                      Best Wooden Thermos


                      Excellent Thermal Insulation Capacity

                      However, it is important for you to look for thermal insulation factor before you plan to get a wooden thermos flask for yourself.

                      As an example, any high and premium quality wooden thermos should keep a drink cold for 24 hours. And hot for about 12 hours.

                      Hence, this is an average thermal insulation capacity which is possessed by premium quality thermos bottles.


                      Premium Construction Materials

                      Moreover, food grade 304 stainless steel, food grade PP,  food grade silicone- all of these are the longlasting and durable construction materials from which your purchased wooden thermos should be made of!

                      Even more, your selected wooden thermos can only show you a great performance if it is installed with a food grade liner and also packed with a vacuum lock layer.


                      Stylish Design

                      Besides, stylish, sleek and effortless seamless design is another factor which most of the individuals look for when they need to get a wooden thermos for themselves.

                      Beyond, these days, thermos flasks are packed and available in stylish and sleek looking retro wood design touch effects.

                      Even more, they can now be grabbed and purchased in some of the beautiful color variations.


                      Leak-Proof & Rust Resistant

                      Lastly, individuals wish and desire to buy that kind of wooden thermos which do not leach chemicals.

                      Also, they prefer such versions which are extremely durable. If your thermos flask does not easily rust or break, then do buy it as soon as possible.

                      And it should too have a screw closure on it. So that it can remain completely sealed as well as leak proof.



                      To summarize, we hope you are going to like and even love our recommendations.

                      Moreover, let us know which of the wooden thermos options you find the extremely best and superb of all!

                      And in the meanwhile time, we will share more honest reviews and recommendations with you.

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