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Bottle Up was founded with the purpose of bringing uniquely designed, durable and high-quality water infuser bottles with a difference. Unlike regular plastic fruit infusers, Bottle Up has invested in double glass manufacture with a secure stainless steel lid. Conventional fruit and tea infuser bottles are susceptible to damage, wear and a lack of appropriate hygiene. Our durable infuser bottles are constructed from Borosilicate glass. It is so tough; it can withstand extremes in temperature from -30°C to an incredible 700°C. 

Bottle Up – One-of-a-Kind Water Bottle Design 

The Bottle Up range is truly one of a kind. It is among the only fruit and tea infuser water bottles to incorporate thicker glass and stainless steel lids that are fully recyclable. We add a fun element by producing our lids in a variety of colors to suit your preferences and personality. 

Our bottles are designed to be different. If you love a combination of practicality, contemporary style and durability in a glass, then the Bottle Up is just what you need. 

Our Bottle Manufacture 

Our glass is baked at a high temperature of 600°C. The Borosilicate glass is non-toxic and able to withstand thermal shock. It will not break easily owing to its thickness and will not release harmful substances when heated. It is the same tough, safe and highly durable glass that is used in the manufacture of cooking ware. 

Bottle Up’s Sleek and Functional Design 

The Bottle Up range is not only resistant, but also easy to use. The crystal clear glass consists of a straight cup and filter that is simple to use and a pleasure to hold. Whether hiking, traveling or spending time outdoors, our versatile water bottle infusers can be used anywhere and everywhere!

We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and incorporate eco-friendly solutions in bottle manufacture. Bottle Up includes a recyclable lid and packaging cardboard cylinder round paper tube box.

Bottle Up has developed a water infuser bottle for fresh fruit and teas. The holding capacity with filter and 304 stainless steel lid is sufficient to infuse natural flavors into regular drinking water while keeping contents secure. 

Safety in Every Water Bottle Infuser 

Regular Plastic can harbor bacteria and mold growth if not properly cleaned. When exposed to heat, many plastics release harmful chemicals. Investing in the best type of glass infuser bottle ensures hygiene and safe drinking water wherever you may go.

Why Choose Bottle Up Water Infusers 

Bottle Up is for anyone who wishes to maintain their hydration with a high quality, clean and durable water infuser bottle. If you dare to be different and love a unique bottle design, then Bottle Up is the best water infuser for you! 

Our beautiful infuser bottles are easy to use and simple to keep clean. Add your favorite fresh fruits or teas for a natural flavor blast. 

With double layered glass and a recyclable stainless steel lid, our bottles can withstand high temperatures and be used outdoors. Our sleek design and a filter in every glass water infuser offer a contemporary bottle style to suit your lifestyle.

Bottle Up Initiatives 

We are dedicated to giving back. Bottle Up believes in the importance of hydration. We partner with non-profits or charities and a small portion of our profits are dedicated to providing clean water in underprivileged communities. 

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